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Teacher gone too much?

Where I live we have year round school, so my son's school year will not be done until August. I have needed to get the teacher to do paperwork for my son's ADHD and his 504 plan. The paperwork is not done because I think the teacher has been absent at least one day a week since Spring Break! He even missed a whole week a couple weeks back. When he is at school he seems to arrive right before school and leave right after class, so I can never get ahold of him. I said something to the principal and she said my son's teacher's attendance is not my business! It is when my son is not getting help and he is not getting the consistency he needs at school. Is there a rule about how often teachers can be gone?

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Asked by Anonymous at 1:32 AM on May. 24, 2010 in School-Age Kids (5-8)

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  • The principal is likely aware of the situation, whatever it may be. There could be something seriously wrong. When I was working as a substitute, I knew of a teacher who was working the bare minimum and had to take a lot of days off. It turns out she had very advanced cancer and did not want to make it public until school was out. She passed away the following October.

    In an extreme case of how some parents think EVERYTHING at school is there business, a mother from her class filed an official complaint about the teacher's attendance with the school board. Talk about adding insult to an already sad situation.

    Answer by mommyjenny2009 at 1:43 AM on May. 24, 2010

  • Honestly I don't think so. It's a job just like any other job and they do get sick days and day's off (outside of those already schedule off for the kids). Generally speaking even though the kids may not have school because of spring break, the teachers often still have to go to work.

    Answer by SAHMinIL2 at 1:45 AM on May. 24, 2010

  • AS far as I know there is no rule, it is like any other form of employment and up to the employer to determine what is appropriate. How do you know this teacher isnt dealing with a family issue? or has a medical issues of his own? You dont know the facts and since the principal did not offer them to you then it is not something that needs to be shared.

    That said, As a parent with a child on a IEP for 6 years now, I understand your need to get ahold of this teacher. Have you gone to the school during a school day? Did the Principal offer you a solution to getting the paperwork done? If not then the principal does need to address your needs for your child. I would try to go to the school and instead of attacking the teacher or asking why he isnt there, just focus the conversation on your child and the paperwork. You will get farther if you stay on the topic of your child instead of complaining about the teacher.

    Answer by 3_ring_circus_ at 1:46 AM on May. 24, 2010

  • Not sure, but my son's teacher is gone often. She is always present for Friday, though!, but really, you never know. At first I was critical, but who is to say she isn't ill and going to appts? I do not know about "absent rules" for teachers. I would think there would be since they get paid salaries.

    Answer by babycakes254 at 1:48 AM on May. 24, 2010

  • The teacher should understand that the receive a TAXPAYER FUNDED salary and we as TAXPAYERS can question anythong we want.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:55 AM on May. 24, 2010

  • ***The teacher should understand that the receive a TAXPAYER FUNDED salary and we as TAXPAYERS can question anythong we want.

    Question all you want to but it doesnt mean you will get an answer lol, tax money funded or not the school district is still held to the same privacy standards as any other employer.

    Answer by 3_ring_circus_ at 2:01 AM on May. 24, 2010

  • i know how ya daughter is in kindergarten, and her teacher is gone 2 days a she has 3 teachers!! talk about confusing!! her "main" teacher is gone 2 days a week because she has 2year old twin boys, and they have both been sick, one needed surgery, so she took a couple weeks off to be with them, totally understandable!!! but it is kinda annoying how she has new teachers all the time, usually its the same 2 that fill in when the main teacher is gone, but theres been times where it was completely someone new (a substitute),,,,but wat can ya do!!!!??????!!!!!!

    Answer by alexis_06 at 2:16 AM on May. 24, 2010

  • At my daughters former public school the teachers were very strict about "their hours". They do not come in to the building early and do not stay late. The only way you could reach them was to leave a message and they would call you back during school hours from the classroom while the class was working on something.

    Answer by BlooBird at 7:49 AM on May. 24, 2010

  • I'm not sure. DD teacher this past year had a Gastric Bypass over Christmas Break and she has missed pretty consistently since the surgery. She is a friend and a fellow church member and I am aware of what is going on, but am a bit frustrated with the attendance issue. She is supposed to be working on a AP to third grade in August for my daughter and in 5 months she has done nothing. Because it's a medical issue, I am sure nothing will be done about it and my daughter will be bored all next year and the year will be wasted in the 2nd grade.She also has 5 kids and every time they were sick, she was absent, I really have absolutely no idea how she has kept her job this year.

    Answer by jewjewbee at 8:03 AM on May. 24, 2010

  • You have to understand that teachers can get FMLA to cover their sick time too. Why not try going in at lunch time and see if you can catch the teacher then or during a 15 minute recess? I mean, anything is better than waiting. Would you be as upset in a sense if this was a female teacher or does it only not make sense to you because it is a male? I am only asking that because it seems like we as women are more compassionate to women in jobs and them having to miss work than men.

    Answer by carmadsmom at 8:16 AM on May. 24, 2010

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