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How hard is it to raise and care for a goat?

My son wants one.
What do they do? How do you take care of them?
What do they eat?
Are they high maintenance?
Am I supposed to milk it to?


Asked by Anonymous at 1:04 PM on May. 26, 2010 in Pets

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Answers (7)
  • Like people, female goats only lactate after having a kid. So unless you are raising goats specifically as dairy animals, they don't need to be milked.

    Pygmy goats are very cute and make good pets. They are healthy animals easy to care for as far as feeding, cleaning, etc, but are escape artists and can be very destructive to lawns and gardens if they do get out. They are social animals, so unless your child will be spending A LOT of time with it, get 2 or it will get lonely and lonely goats don't tend to be the friendliest nicest goats you ever met.

    Answer by riotgrrl at 1:56 PM on May. 26, 2010

  • Why do you want to know SO YOU CAN EAT HIM LATER :(

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:15 PM on May. 26, 2010

  • Yeah, were gonna eat the goat. Thats why my son wants one to take care of as a pet so he can get attached to it just so I can go out there, chop its head off and throw it on a rotissire and have people over for dinner. Yummy.
    Don't be a dumba$$.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:46 PM on May. 26, 2010

  • they are easy and if used to people SOOOO social!!! I miss my goat SO much :( she was killed by coyote but my goodness she was like a dog, so lovely, just a wonderful creature. She was pygmy/dwarf, very good suggestion from riotgrrl, I would say look into a pygmy for sure. They do need their toes trimmed by a professional if you don't know how to do it/learn how from a professional but other than that they do not require much special care, they are very hardy and don't eat toooo much just hay and grain. Good luck to you and that is a very exciting thing to get a goat...or baby goat esp. if it is young enough to be bottle fed and carried around it makes them SO friendly. I would recommend a female over a male for a first time owner because the males can have attitudes if you don't get them snipped early. Best wishes to you!!

    Answer by mysilentmorning at 7:19 PM on May. 26, 2010

  • i love love love goats! they are pretty easy to take care of and trimming their hooves isn't hard (let someone show you how and buy the right equipment). i would go with a couple of females as pp said. do keep in mind that goats do like to eat things (the stereotype is true lol), so just keep their pen away from your main house and clothesline or anything else not snack-appropriate lol. also make sure that you can have goats where you live (although i'm assuming you must be in a rural area to be considering a goat). goats are alot like kids. they love to play and climb.... they have very different personalities and they crack me up. i wish i could have one! gl!!


    Answer by princessbeth79 at 11:41 PM on May. 26, 2010

  • There is a good book called Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats: Breeds, Care, Dairying. has it or you should be able to pick it up at a Tractor Supply. I'm trying to convince DH we need a goat. I had a few when I was a kid.


    Answer by Patch_of_Heaven at 9:39 AM on May. 27, 2010

  • Thankyou all so much for your answers! I am going to start looking for one...and will take the advice and try to get a female to start, if that works out well I will get her a goat friend,lol. We do live in a rural area, we have a small sized barn with 2 stalls set up for barn animals, we just never had anything in there yet,lol.
    I think I will suprise my son with the goat, he will be so happy. Thanks again! :)

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:16 AM on May. 27, 2010