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I quit my job today because my employer did not act on my harassment complaints for the last two years...

I have worked there longer as a nurse, however, the harassment (non sexual) was from one co-worker and was continual and severe. Never was it investigated, never was it taken seriously, and for my own mental health I finally had to quit. I gave a formal letter outlining the reason I had left. There were two previous nurses that have left for the same reason.

Here is the kicker, she is now harassing me at home.

#1 Can I claim unemployment for my employer not following up on my harassment claims forcing my resignation?

#2 What can I do about the harassment outside my work?

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Asked by Anonymous at 9:17 PM on May. 26, 2010 in Money & Work

Answers (11)
  • you can't get unemployment if you willingly quit a job. but you can file a civil suit for lost wages if you have the right documentation. as for the at home harassment, make a police report right now.


    Answer by Anonymous at 9:20 PM on May. 26, 2010

  • What is this person doing that is harassment? Is it something that is in the gray area and hard to prove? If you have documentation that you filed complaints and nothing was done, then you may be able to sue your employer.

    Is the harassment severe enough to call the police?

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:21 PM on May. 26, 2010

  • This is insane...I would be so pissed.....I hope things work out for you!! xoxox

    Answer by CAGirl4 at 9:24 PM on May. 26, 2010

  • cant get unemployment
    call the police

    Answer by mommymeg03 at 9:26 PM on May. 26, 2010

  • i dont want to sound rude but i think that you made a mistake. i honestly dont believe you handled your situation the right way, personally i wouldnt hae quit but thats just me, but i sure would have written down/recorded/gotten an email or something to show proof of the harrassment, i would go to the police, and i would effin SUE the pants of the whole company! i would go as to even have the other 2 help build a case against the company! think big, like lawsuit big

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:34 PM on May. 26, 2010

  • I am the OP and luckily for me I have documentation and proof of harassment. Essentially, think of her as a boot camp sergeant continually beating you down. However, on the military they rebuild you. This nurse was a co-worker, not a supervisor. She is manipulative and was able to make my managers believe that my work as well as other nurses work was substandard and hers was the only work that was acceptable. She falsified documents and really caused problems for several fantastic nurses.

    The harassment that continues are phone calls and messages on my answering machine telling me that I quit and all the other nurses quit, not because of her, but because of personal issues and just used her to blame. She is manipulating management again to believe this to be the case. The harassment continues to the nurses still employed. It is truly sad.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:35 PM on May. 26, 2010

  • after i kicked her ass, i'd call the police lol. seriously call the police, file a complaint, and then get a restraining order. what a sicko!

    Answer by angevil53 at 9:49 PM on May. 26, 2010

  • umm hello as a nurse falsifying doccuments is ILLIGAL
    report her ass to the board of nursing!!

    Answer by mommymeg03 at 10:10 PM on May. 26, 2010

  • Call the labor board regarding wages. Call whoever licenses nurses in your state regarding Nurse Ratchet.

    Answer by gdiamante at 1:04 AM on May. 27, 2010

  • rkoloms

    Answer by rkoloms at 5:40 PM on May. 30, 2010

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