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does anyone have a husband that calls you selfish for "making" them participate in an activity they don't enjoy like boating or the ballet?

how do you get him to join in activities that you enjoy and want to do together but he doesn't??

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Asked by Anonymous at 3:16 PM on May. 28, 2010 in Relationships

Answers (12)
  • yours doesnt enjoy boating.. oh man! i always make sure we do stuff we both enjoy..

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:18 PM on May. 28, 2010

  • You can't force someone to do something they are not interested in. It's my personal belief that if one is in a relationship and cares about someone, they would do things the other is interested in. However, I think most men do not agree with this, and you can't really make them want to do something they don't want to do. If they don't want to go, I'd find a friend or go by myself. It sucks, given that this is your partner, and you want to do things that are special to you with them, but if you force the issue, it could become bigger than it is and cause resentment.

    Answer by MeandMyBabes at 3:19 PM on May. 28, 2010

  • I don't. If he doesn't want to do it, then it isn't going to be any fun having him around. I do those activities either by myself or with someone else who appreciates them. He does the same with activities I don't care to participate in. I strongly believe husbands and wives should have some separate interests that don't involve the other.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:20 PM on May. 28, 2010

  • It's called compromise. If you make him do things he doesn't want to do then you should have to do things he likes that you don't want to do. FInd something you BOTH like then do those things.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:22 PM on May. 28, 2010

  • I think he should compromise and do something you like then you do something he likes. It's okay to have interests seperate of the other person but marriages should have some form of compromise. I can't imagine why a couple would be together and never do anything together outside the bedroom.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:25 PM on May. 28, 2010

  • Its called compromise.

    Answer by gulfcoastmom4 at 3:56 PM on May. 28, 2010

  • Do you reciprocate?


    Answer by beeky at 4:18 PM on May. 28, 2010

  • no, but I have never tried to make him do something he doesnt want to do, if I want to do it and he doesnt I find a family memeber or a girlfriend that will want to do it with me instead. I dont think it helps to force someone to do what you want.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:47 PM on May. 28, 2010

  • thanks, i appreciate the feedback and to answer your question, yes, i do reciprocate because i know that it's important to him. i've been fishing and i HATE fishing. and i also watch movies with him that i wouldn't particularly want to see like ninja assassin (sp) because he says that he doesn't like watching movies without me

    Answer by pmg1030 at 5:06 PM on May. 28, 2010

  • No, but I would never "make" him do something he didn't want to do... If I want to do something, I do, I don't have to have him...

    Answer by SabrinaMBowen at 5:19 PM on May. 28, 2010

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