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So the new step-mom is saying she raises my kids..... do you agree?

I went to add my ex husbands new wife / my kids new step mom ...on facebook ( we have acted friendly towards each other and I wanted us to have some sort of friendship) ... Anyways I checked her page out first and relaized almost 2-3 times a week she says something negative about me, and talks about how hard it is raising my kids... I dont know if she is looking for attention from that, or if she actually thinks that... I think she must be crazy.
So here is our schedule, please tell me if you think that she is right in saying that or if I have a right to be upset

( for the last 7 months I have been working night shift, so they sleep at their dads house, in one room, but at my house is where all of their rooms are, and all of their clothes, etc)

7:30pm - drop them off at their dads, I go to work
9:oopm - they go to sleep
7am - pick them up, breakfast & get them ready for school

* continued*

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Asked by Anonymous at 5:13 PM on May. 30, 2010 in Just for Fun

Answers (14)
  • 8:50 - take them to school
    3:15 - pick them up
    * of course if there is no school or if they are sick, i have them all day too*
    3:30 - 7:30 - homework, supper, baths, spending time together...

    plus i have them all weekend, and all day during summer --- really now, who is the main one raising them?

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:16 PM on May. 30, 2010

  • I do raise them!!

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:23 PM on May. 30, 2010

  • Can I check out the profile? Whats her name! lol..... Seriously though, YOU are raising YOUR kids, and she should shut her face, the lazy ass women. OH it's such hard work for me too....watching my kids sleep and all. That's all she does after all.

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:25 PM on May. 30, 2010

  • don't even let her get to you...she can think whatever she wants, but you (and your kids) know the truth. She is doing it to make herself feel better. She must not think too much of herself. This is why I don't belong to facebook and such--way too much silly drama. Ignore her are doing a great job!

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:27 PM on May. 30, 2010

  • You are raising them she is two faced and seems like she wants to create drama. Let her go do not respond to her keep doing what you have been and in the end she will look funny. GL Momma


    Answer by pinkdragon36 at 5:34 PM on May. 30, 2010

  • I disagree. She could leave the house and your ex would be the adult present while they slept. She is not a necessary factor in the equation, and unless your kids have nightmares and run screaming for her all night long, it's total bull that she's raising them. I agree with the earlier poster- She's probably just trying to stir up trouble.

    Answer by Quatrekins at 5:47 PM on May. 30, 2010

  • 2 hours a day is hardly raising them, however, i would adjust their schedule so that they go to sleep earlier i order to have even LESS contact when they go over there. i would also tell their dad that if his woman didnt shut her trap that i would find someone else to watch my kids at night since it is too hard for her to do!

    Answer by secondtyme520 at 5:47 PM on May. 30, 2010

  • Sounds like shes just trying to toot her own horn and say stuff that make her feel good about herself and other people look up to her like she's super step mom or something. That would irritate the HELL out of me to be honest with you. I would go ahead and put in the friend request and see if she deletes some of that bullcrap before she approves you.
    What a drama queen snot.

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:26 PM on May. 30, 2010

  • So basically they sleep at your exhusband's house? She is not raising them. I get so tired of this attitude from women who marry men who have children already and vice versa. The women bitch about having to raise the children when they really aren't or they complain about child support. You should just bring it up one day. Tell her you read her venting and ask if she really believes her own bullshit.

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:31 PM on May. 30, 2010

  • We must remember there is ALWAYS 3 sides to every story. Yours, hers, & the truth! ;)

    Answer by Loryl at 6:33 PM on May. 30, 2010

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