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I want to run away!!

I am 30 years old and I want to run away, I want my old pre-kid like back, and party like before I had kids. I found my high school boyfriend on facebook and we have been talking about old times and I am depressed and I want to run away.
BUT I am a single mom with no help, I work from home, no daycare, no weekends my kids do not see their dads, and I have no help from my family, and I have not taken an uninterupted shower in 10 years. I suffer from chronic headaches and sometimes, they last for weeks and I think of just ending it all, if I go to a shrink will my kids get taken away?? I AM A WOMEN ON THE EDGE, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT BASHING ME!!

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Asked by Anonymous at 9:44 PM on May. 30, 2010 in General Parenting

Answers (12)
  • You need to get into counseling asap. This is what counseling is for. Sounds like you have been to hell and back hon. We all feel like running away at one time or another. I am a single mom too and I havent had my own bedrm in 7 yrs, I sleep on a couch every night. Every city has a human resources division, and no, your kids will not be taken away from you. You are reaching out for help and there is so much help out there..

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:47 PM on May. 30, 2010

  • you need help...and i'm not trying to be need to take care of yourself or you won't be able to take care of your children. You won't get your kids taken away if you go to a therapist.....

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:49 PM on May. 30, 2010

  • Please seek help. Talk to your promary care physician about getting a referral for an evaluation by a mental health professional. They may offer you medication and therapy.

    I am a single mom and I suffer from chronic (and sometimes severe) depression. I also have no help, and my SO doesn't understand how I feel. He gets to go out with friends. He gets to work (I am on SSD for my condition). He gets to sleep in, he gets to rest when he's sick, etc. But I have a two year old to take care of 24/7. I haven't been out of the house past 7pm (her bedtime) in almost two years!

    I have a psychiatrist who prescribes meds (5 to be exact), I have a case manager (who makes sure I am doing ok), and they are both in the process of finding another therapist for me. Without their support, I'd probably have killed myself by now.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:51 PM on May. 30, 2010

  • PM me ! I'm here, it's okay, no bashing shall take place, its okay to want to run sometimes - you are only human

    Answer by myheartx4 at 9:53 PM on May. 30, 2010

  • Anon 9:47, I thought I was the only one who slept on the couch!! I gave my two-year old our one-bedroom, and I'm sleeping on the couch. Her toys and belongings are taking over our apartment, but this is all I can afford right now.

    (This is anon 9:51pm)

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:53 PM on May. 30, 2010

  • WOW! who wouldn't feel that way in your position? I think a vacation is waaaaaaaaay OVERDUE! and maybe you wouldn't need medications... but i see you have NO help :( well i really can't be of much help but keep your head up & keep going! And maybe you should talk to someone. I'm sure your children are less likely to get taken away if you seek help rather than ignore till you go insane (:

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:01 PM on May. 30, 2010

  • sweetie...I for one would never judge. I am in the same boat is you, minus the facebook boyfriend. You can message me so that we can talk, I can probably relate to you more than you think. And dont feel like you need to hide behind a anon post because of what some may think of you. Who cares, your a single mom and have been raising your kids on your own. Your stressed out beyond belief. Only single moms can relate to this type of feeling. Seems like your having the same day as me. Yes you should seeking help, maybe your depressed and dont even know it. And no your kids will not be taken from you for getting help. You cant help your kids unless you help yourself first. I am glad to see that I and other moms out there are not alone and not ashamed to say they feel like running away sometimes, it doesnt mean you would literally do it.

    Answer by bellamommyof4 at 10:37 PM on May. 30, 2010

  • See it isn't just teen parents.
    BTW This is not towards you but to some other women on here.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:23 PM on May. 30, 2010

  • Oh, I have been there.... I have three kids 5 and under and they are insane. Some days it just gets to be too much and I want to feel pretty and spontaneous and young again. I just want to not be climbed on, and elbowed and boogered and woken up all night. I want to feel like a woman, rather than a dishrag. I suggest counseling, and some good, old-fashioned fun. And no, they can not take your children away. Big hugs.

    Answer by flower_momma at 12:19 AM on May. 31, 2010

  • It's so nice to see 'answers' like this for once! I agree, get some help, I've been in your position before I got engaged, and after I left my ex. Hope you find what you need! Hugs!

    Answer by ThaMCE at 12:25 AM on May. 31, 2010

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