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getting a raw burning feeling when using condoms?

lately when me and dh do anything and use a condom i get this raw burning feeling. and a little while of using the condom things go suddenly dry. ONLY when using the condoms.

i have used condoms before no problem, me and dh is faithful so STD's are out of the question, i have no signs of a infection at all.


Asked by Anonymous at 4:43 PM on Jun. 1, 2010 in Health

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Answers (9)
  • you can talk to the dr or pharmacist about other condoms. you are probably allergic to the latex, spermicide, or lubricant on them. I know i am to a lot of them. It burns like hell then hurts later and between all the uncomfortableness you don't lubricate well either..... I still don't use lubricants since they have all seemed to bother me and the condoms i recommend that haven't bothered me so far is the Trojan ultra thins /ultra lubricated have worked out the best(although I don't love any of them)- not sure if these will work for you but with all my allergies at least they don't bother me. GL hun I know this sucks!

    Answer by hotrodmomma at 5:02 PM on Jun. 1, 2010

  • Maybe your allergic to latex? If it was fine before, you may have developed a new allergy. Try using the lamb skin ones...I think thats what they are.

    Answer by kimberlyinberea at 4:44 PM on Jun. 1, 2010

  • try non-latex and a better lube. I really like a brand called Liquid Silk(look it up on amazon). I only seem to need all the lube when I am breastfeeding(tends to make u more dry down there). another thing is u could be allergic to spermacide(some condoms have it on them)

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:48 PM on Jun. 1, 2010

  • Are you lubricated enough way down there? They sell lubricating gel to enhance stuff. That would be horrible, sorry you are going through this

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:48 PM on Jun. 1, 2010

  • I have that problem too. Do you use lube? If you do what kind is it? we were using the warming sensation stuff but that irritated me like CRAZY. Switched to plain water based lube. and the most plain condoms we could find. No spermicide on them, no lubes on them. Which its actaully harder than it sounds to find a PLAIN condom! It helped. I still get a little irritated but it's not as bad. If its really bothering me I just hold a cold/wet wash cloth down there for about 10 min and it goes away. And I don't want to get into too much TMI, but could he be doing something during foreplay that irriates you and you dont realize it until the condom comes in contact with it? One time Dh accidently got a little rough and knicked me with his finger nail, that hurt so bad.

    Answer by jedwards2009 at 4:51 PM on Jun. 1, 2010

  • OP- never had a problem with being dry. and i don't have that problem when we are not using a condom. i've been scratched before this is completely different. this starts out at the opening all the way around and if we don't remove it then it starts moving up inside.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:56 PM on Jun. 1, 2010

  • oh ps. I have also tried foam (to try to get away from condoms) and FYI- BURNS LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Answer by hotrodmomma at 5:03 PM on Jun. 1, 2010

  • Try ordering the sheep skin kind and if it helps then yes you're allergic to Latex if it doesn't help something else is going on.

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:39 PM on Jun. 1, 2010

  • Try latex free condoms. I use SKYNS. They're spermicide free and don't make me burn like latex ones do. Good luck!

    Answer by Arisce at 12:50 AM on Jun. 2, 2010