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When you die do you want to burried or creamated?

I am getting older and I think about this. I know it is creepy but

Do I want to be burried? Waste of money me in bones and a rusted casket, just sitting there.

Do I want to be creamated?? My ashes sprinkled in the sea, ocean or somewhere that I wish to be??

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:58 PM on Jun. 3, 2010 in Just for Fun

Answers (9)
  • Creamated, I don't believe in burials :). And I want to be fish food, scatterd in the ocean

    Answer by Zakysmommy at 1:01 PM on Jun. 3, 2010

  • I think both options are kind of creepy. Do you know what happens when they embalm you? It's gross. But there is a place here that does "green" burials. They use all environmentally friendly stuff and put you in a field of wildflowers to degrade. There are no headstones but I think there is a plaque where they list the names of those in the field. Maybe I would consider this.


    Answer by BlooBird at 1:08 PM on Jun. 3, 2010

  • I want to be cremated because it's cheaper. It's absolutely ridiculous how much everything can cost. I want things to be as simple & inexpensive as possible for my husband & kids.


    Answer by BlessedMommy64 at 1:09 PM on Jun. 3, 2010

  • i would want all my useful organs donated if possible and i would want to be creamated and my family can do what they wish with them

    Answer by shay1130 at 1:13 PM on Jun. 3, 2010

  • it is rediculous all the caskets taking up space.

    Answer by shay1130 at 1:13 PM on Jun. 3, 2010

  • I want to be buried in a wooden box. It's more eco-friendly and you just all dissolve into the ground.

    Answer by danielp at 2:02 PM on Jun. 3, 2010

  • I want to be the cheapest pine box they have. After all my organs have been harvested, of course. Then my family can do as they please with my ashes. I won't care since I'll be dead.
    Funerals are for the living anyway, not the dead. Whatever gets them through it.

    Answer by justanotherjen at 2:07 PM on Jun. 3, 2010

  • I am definetly going to be cremated. I cant stand the thought of slowly rotting away. :( I have done research about how they do cremation,though and I dont care. I am fully aware and I am still going through with it. I know they can make LifeGems out of your ashes for your loved ones,like a diamond,and they can keep it forever,which I think is pretty cool. I would have loved to have a part of my dad,who was buried 15 years ago. I also agree that those caskets take up quiet abit of space in the earth and then people get all freaked out about graveyards,meaning no places for people to build homes. Such a waste...

    Answer by phall1069 at 8:22 PM on Jun. 3, 2010

  • Buried. Throw me in a box, not embalmed, and then go have a beer in my honor.

    Answer by lstrickland at 11:09 PM on Jun. 3, 2010

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