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do u throw food/drink out the day it goes bad (the sell by date)

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:47 AM on Jun. 8, 2010 in Just for Fun

Answers (9)

    They can not sell it to you after that date, but it does not mean it is bad. I use too but then I was told that is why the put a date on the packages, sometimes stuff is bad by that date, but if it is not I will eat it.

    Answer by KFree907 at 11:49 AM on Jun. 8, 2010

  • Absolutely. I won't use it even if it's close to the date.

    Answer by LovingSAHMommy at 11:57 AM on Jun. 8, 2010

  • Yes, even if it's a couple days close to the date. My husband thinks I'm crazy.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:09 PM on Jun. 8, 2010

  • If it smells, looks and taste okay...we eat it. I mean with in reason. I don't eat yogurt 2 weeks past date but a few days...yeah. The date on the is not accurate. I mean on JUN15 it doesn't all of the sudden go bad like magic. Plus the exp date is a little padded to cover their rears.

    Answer by But_Mommie at 12:20 PM on Jun. 8, 2010

  • The SELL by date is NOT an EXPIRATION date. They TRULY ARE 2 DIFFERENT things. Sell-by or pull-by date: This date is used by manufacturers to tell grocers when to remove their product from the shelves, but there is generally still some leeway for home usage. For example, milk often has a sell-by date, but the milk will usually still be good for at least a week beyond that date if properly refrigerated. Like wise a BEST BY date is NOT an EXPIRATION date! Best if used by and use-by date: With emphasis on the best qualifier in this term, it means the product should retain maximum freshness, flavor and texture if used by this date. It is not a purchase-by or safety date. Beyond this date, the product begins to deteriorate, although it may still be edible.


    Answer by SAHMinIL2 at 12:21 PM on Jun. 8, 2010

  • No. I'm a little funny about dairy products, but honestly, milk doesn't last long in this house. My husband eats cereal a lot. I don't really drink milk, but he and my daughter do. I don't eat yogurt or cheese either, but they do. Nothing like that lasts in this house. Canned items...well if they look bad when I open them, I won't use them. In general though, things don't pass their expiration date in this house.

    Answer by BridgetC140 at 12:33 PM on Jun. 8, 2010

  • Dates are just that dates...numbers.... I always check the food. You can tell if it's bad or unsafe mostly. Milk starts to smell or taste funny, the same can be said for yogurt, and other dairy products. You honestly for the most part can tell.

    Answer by SAHMinIL2 at 12:33 PM on Jun. 8, 2010

  • The date on the package is a not the date that the product falls off of the Earth bad. You know most meds are good 6 months to a year past date. And most pharmacies don't even use the date on the whole sale bottle they make it 1 year past he date of purchase. The whole sale bottles are labels for 2-3 years. Unless they are mixed or compounded drugs. I work for a Drug company so I really do know.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:36 PM on Jun. 8, 2010

  • there is a huge difference between the sell by and use by date! If it says use by, throw it away, if it says sell by, you have a few days!

    Answer by JoLee12345 at 12:37 PM on Jun. 8, 2010

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