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What are your thoughts on the History of Israel and America?

I encourage you strongly not to comment until you have watched this Glenn Beck showing of the very true and right historical facts of the history of Israel and America. He asks a lot of questions to make you think and why we really need to support Israel. Things are not what they always seem, some humanitarian groups are not what they seem either. I was floored.. yet not surprised at the same times since it made so much sense. What are your thoughts? Please be civil, I just want to know what you truly think.

I will repost it as a link in the comments section :-) So please look there for easier access!

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Asked by Shaneagle777 at 8:02 PM on Jun. 13, 2010 in Politics & Current Events

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  • Shaneagle777

    Answer by Shaneagle777 at 8:02 PM on Jun. 13, 2010

  • I don't need to see Glenn Beck to know what I think about Israel.

    Israel is a terrorist state that thinks it is above the law and we are supporting them with our hard earned dollars.

    They spy on us and knew all about 9-11 beforehand and even sent operatives to "document the event".

    We need worry more about the state of our own country and stop sending them our money to carry out despicable acts.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:41 PM on Jun. 13, 2010

  • Israel confiscated all cameras and film on board in order to fabricate their version of the event-


    Answer by Anonymous at 10:45 PM on Jun. 13, 2010

  • Oh oh. Anon :41.....looks like you have been reading the radical anti-Israel, anti-semitic websites ,huh? Are you serious? I mean,do you actually expect us to believe that? I don't. Really.
    They didn't "know about 9/11 beforehand" ...any of that crap. I wonder, are you one of those who deny that the Holocaust ever happened too?
    WOw, CM can be rather scary sometimes.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:48 PM on Jun. 13, 2010

  • Anon 10:48,

    I agree with you, and the sad part is they let those people vote too.

    I also lived that history, I remember President Truman and PM Winston Churchill giving the Jews their land back after WW ll.


    Answer by Natesmom507 at 11:01 PM on Jun. 13, 2010

  • I watch Glenn everyday, if people only knew what is being done, boy would they be in shock but they prefer to live in never, never land, instead but Peter Pan is crashing... Our ship is sinking, our house is on fire and the Pres. is doing college graduation speeches, the teleprompter hasn't told him to call 911, he wouldn't care if it did... They will just let the Gulf ROT, so they can say they are going to save us and make everything right with cap and trade! Only to pad their own pockets with $$$!

    Strangely there is an eerie calm, while the entire world around us is spinning completely out of control, more so everyday, anon 10:48, I agree, it's scary alright...

    Answer by agentwanda at 12:15 AM on Jun. 14, 2010

  • Sorry, got off subject above, lol; we must support Israel, it is what God wants us to do, there can be no sitting on the fence, as this admin is doing...

    Answer by agentwanda at 12:17 AM on Jun. 14, 2010

  • Op, why do you ask for opinions and what we think but then specify that we have to watch GB first?

    Enamored much with your "true and right" source?

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:43 AM on Jun. 14, 2010

  • I respect Glenn Beck and I like listening to him most of the time, I think he's really funny. But a lot of times he is so boring I can't even concentrate on what he's saying. I'm sure my indifference is the reason why America is in so much trouble, but he goes into so much detail and background that I get overwhelmed and my brain shuts down.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:29 AM on Jun. 14, 2010

  • Anon @ 9:43 ... you do realise that we when we post it needs to be in a form of a question...
    in side the post I asked first then answer the question... :-) Oh and no I wasnt enamored.. it is just that many people on CM DO NOT watch videos and respond anyway... often getting the foot in mouth disease. Its better to watch the video so you know what has been said and what is being asked and you can answer the question better that way. I wasnt being mean or anything like that, just encouraging you to watch it.

    agentwanda: absolutely we NEED to support Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. My heart is so grieved in what is happening and many turn aside ignoring the truth.
    Anon @ 7:48.. CM isnt the only place that is scary... USA is scary sometimes ! Or better yet our gov't!
    Anon @ 7:41 I am sorry you chose not to hear what was said.. and chose to turn aside, its people like you that worry me and cont..

    Answer by Shaneagle777 at 1:44 AM on Jun. 14, 2010

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