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what should i do? cannot handle f/t at my school right now- for mental reasons

if i take a qtr off, i have to pay back 9000 automatically... i have NO money to my name whatsoever, so i cant do that

if i go part time- a grant of 1,300 (or maybe it was 13,000- cant be sure) will be taken away from me as well. so i'd have to get another loan in that amount. in the end, paying more outta pocket, but i can handle part-time

if i go fulltime, everything will remain the same, but i run the risk of suicide.. maybe not that extreme, but it was to that point mid-way through last qtr and in the end, i failed a class b/c of my depression. i'm on meds so hopefully it'll be better, but i have no idea if the meds will be enough to ward off those urges (and i have no support system).

i dont know what to do!

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Asked by Anonymous at 6:39 PM on Jun. 15, 2010 in

Answers (5)
  • Go part time and talk to the people in charge of the grant. Some times with Drs notes they will waive a semester or two of full time for part time while you get your health in order.

    Answer by Alanaplus3 at 6:43 PM on Jun. 15, 2010

  • I would go with the LEAST stressful route. If those are your only 2 options then I would go with part time - even though you have to pay more out of pocket, it is easier to handle and is better for your health and sanity.

    Answer by keyaziz at 6:44 PM on Jun. 15, 2010

  • Full time in summer is not the same as full time in other semesters. Take classes you know won't demand a lot from you. My dd decided to take her summer classes online. I always loved summer classes since it was such a short semester. Some schools even offer weekend classes and the semester is over in a few weeks. Ask your academic counselor for guidance with this. That is their job. I suffer from depression and know what you mean but you can get through this. Meanwhile take some Vitamin B Complex and stay away from refine sugar products.

    Answer by admckenzie at 7:08 PM on Jun. 15, 2010

  • Look more into it. I'm not sure how you're getting your financing, but I went to college on full pail grant and student loans. I had a lot of family stuff go on plus got divorced in one semester and I had a nervous breakdown. If I had withdrawn I would have lost my pail grant. Either way, I had already received my student loan check and so would have had to pay that back regardless. So, I used the student loan check to live off of that semester while I went to counseling and got myself pulled back together. I stopped going to class, so I failed all my classes, but since I didn't withdraw I didn't lose my pail I was just put on probation. That meant that the next semester I had to make at least a 2.75 or I would lose my pail all together. I got myself straight that semester off and came back the following semester with a 4.0. If you retake the exact same classes you fail, the new grade replaces the failing grades.

    Answer by ThrivingMom at 9:40 AM on Jun. 16, 2010

  • (cont'd)
    My story could have went really bad, but I ended up graduating with my BS, then went back an additional year and got certified to teach. I taught 2 years as a teacher's aide and 2 years as a high school teacher before quitting to be a full time mom.

    I was only on meds for that 1 semester I fell apart. I have lots of side effects with anti depressants so after I got some good counseling I got off of them. You need to find a therapist and not just a psychiatrist, because all they do is listen for 10 min and then write a prescription.

    I also found a completely FRESH start helped a lot. Being around people who saw me break down made it harder for me to get better. I got a new job so I wasn't working with the same people. I even changed majors (I simply flip flopped my major and minor) so I didn't have the same professors and classmates. I made new friends and changed churches.

    Answer by ThrivingMom at 9:47 AM on Jun. 16, 2010

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