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Have you ever asked a question on here and it was fake?

Just to get people worked up? I think i see a lot of these type questions here lately..pretty funny!!!

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Asked by shay1130 at 12:13 PM on Jun. 16, 2010 in Just for Fun

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  • I try not to start drama so no but I know what you mean. I have seen quite a few questions like that.

    Answer by Brandi300 at 12:18 PM on Jun. 16, 2010

  • no but I have wondered if when someone post using anonoymous, and then a answer appears like a minute later, if it is indeed the same person.

    Answer by debmom07 at 12:18 PM on Jun. 16, 2010

  • I don't do that. If it's a question that's going to "spin me up" I just don't answer it, whether I think it's real or fake.

    There are some that I think are fake though - usually because you will see a trend of questions, usually anon, all written in a similar style and on a similar theme. Like, for example, the other day, I read and answered a question because the person was upset because some women were checking her husband out - staring at his groin, etc. Then, a few minutes later, there was another anon question, about a woman who caught her mom peeping on her dh while he showered, and apparently, earlier, there had been a question about some woman whose dh had his penis hang out of the bottom of his shorts when he mowed the grass.

    Odds are, it was the same person and they were making it up. But, it might not have been. Either way, it really doesn't effect my life, so no skin off my nose.

    Answer by sailorwifenmom at 12:23 PM on Jun. 16, 2010

  • Oh, and just like a very potentially controversial question on here that I just answered. Either a), they're asking because they truly are in a very bad situation - one I've been in - and maybe my experience can help them in some way. Or, b) they made it up, and maybe seeing that there really are people who have gone through that, and it's not a joking matter, will help them grow up.

    Either way, again, it doesn't change who I am or how I feel about my life or what I think about things, so it's not that big a deal.

    Answer by sailorwifenmom at 12:26 PM on Jun. 16, 2010

  • As usual agree with sailorwifemom,, and no I have not asked a fake question!

    Answer by kimigogo at 12:32 PM on Jun. 16, 2010

  • sailorwifenmom I saw those questions and I didn't think about it at the time but you are right! They were all written the same way!

    Answer by Brandi300 at 12:32 PM on Jun. 16, 2010

  • i just noticed one earlier that looked like someone had intentionally screwed up everything so someone wouldnt know it was them..saying "thunk" and "u"...i was like..this person has to know better than that! The entire post sounded so phony too.

    Answer by shay1130 at 12:38 PM on Jun. 16, 2010

  • I've never asked a fake question to get people worked up, but I've told little white lies. LIKE I will say MY husband did such and such, when maybe it was my sisters husband, etc. you always get answers from people when your'e talking about your own relationships, but if you're talking about your sister or whoever then they tell you to mind your own business. My sisters asks me for adivce and maybe I don't know what adivce to give her. So I ask here. LOL

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:38 PM on Jun. 16, 2010

  • I sometimes come across questions that just don't add up, but no I've never made up a question just to get a rise out of people. I either look for serious answers to my serious questions or if I'm just bored I'll come to this category and answer or ask random/interesting/weird questions. Although I once asked a question in Relationships about my brother and his g/f and some woman said it wasn't adding up though I think she just misunderstood the question because no one else said that and I re-read everything I wrote to make sure I didn't leave anything out and couldn't figure out what else she could possibly want to know about the situation to answer the question.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:39 PM on Jun. 16, 2010

  • and sorry idk if i spelled that work right to all you spell police =) intentionllllly

    Answer by shay1130 at 12:41 PM on Jun. 16, 2010

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