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how old was your baby when you started taking him or her out around lots of people, and outside in the heat?

just curious. i don't quite know when i will feel comfortable getting my son out around people and out at the park and things like that. he's 6 weeks old but he was a preemie, and his gestational age is 39 weeks.

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Asked by Anonymous at 3:35 PM on Jun. 17, 2010 in Babies (0-12 months)

Answers (15)
  • Our oldest was about 2 weeks old when we went grocery shopping. He was born in July (we live in the south) so we had no choice but to take him out in the heat.

    Answer by LorisChar at 3:37 PM on Jun. 17, 2010

  • i would wait! my oldest dd was premie. we had to put her in daycare at 6 weeks bc we both had school. she was almost always sick. and the first time i took her to a big event with the church (in doors) she ended up catching RSV which can be deadly for premies. wait as long as possible bc u never kno if someone around has a cold or something else that wouldnt be harmful to u, but could be for the baby. ur the best judge on when ur baby will be ready.

    Answer by Phippsandrea at 3:39 PM on Jun. 17, 2010

  • my DS was born the day after Thanksgiving, we were at the mall christmas shopping when he was about 2 weeks old.

    Answer by peanutsmommy1 at 3:40 PM on Jun. 17, 2010

  • About 3 months old. We live in the cold and she was born in the winter. Tried to keep her away from sick people as long as possible. But just by taking them to the doctors exposes them to all sorts of stuff.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:41 PM on Jun. 17, 2010

  • My son was a preemie, born at 26 weeks. He was finally discharged at 4 months, and we slowly left the house and interacted with more people about a month later. It just depends on your comfort level.
    My daughter was born at 32 weeks, and she's 4 months, and we haven't been out that much. I don't like going out that much because it's so friggin hot and muggy outside I just can't deal with it, and I don't want her to either. I don't want to cover her up from the sun because it's so hot, and I don't want her sunburnt. She has super fair skin.

    Answer by ManicMomma02 at 3:44 PM on Jun. 17, 2010

  • i think at about... 2-3 weeks she was born in February but we're in arizona and i remember it was kind of warm.

    Answer by MomNbabyGirl009 at 3:45 PM on Jun. 17, 2010

  • You can go out, just stay away from people. If you breastfeed you already have a lot of protection. If you wear or hold your baby in a wrap/sling people also tend to keep a distance. If they don't, just tell them so. At least go for a walk around the block or walk in the park to get some air to avoid cabin fever. If you avoid peak hours 10-2pm and stick to shade when you can you don't need to worry about a short time in the sun.

    I was full term and was out 5 days later in september.

    Answer by amileegirl at 4:11 PM on Jun. 17, 2010

  • I took him briefly into the store on my way home from the hospital to pick up my meds. And then when he was a week old it was the 4th of july, andhe went out for that. I jsut kept him properly clothed and outta the sun, and when it came time for fireworks we went inside and watched out the window. Well, i did. He slept :)

    Answer by carsonsmommytam at 4:12 PM on Jun. 17, 2010

  • around 6-8 weeks. my son was also premature, he was born at 34 weeks so i was pretty nervous about it. my DR recommended we wait until 6 weeks, but even then, i only brought him around close family and i made everyone wash there hands. i started bringing him outside in the heat though around 2 months for short periods of time, and then at 3 months for longer periods of time. i would just keep him very cool, in the shade.

    Answer by PURPULbutterfly at 4:37 PM on Jun. 17, 2010

  • my preemie was released after 4 weeks, which put him at 36 weeks. i took him out right away actually. we went for walks to the park, and he went to work with me, and i remember going to a 4th of july parade and it was very hot!
    he never got sick.
    he gets adjusted by his chiropractor weekly, and now he is 5!
    if you are not comfortable taking him out, then don't do it.
    how is his health?

    Answer by happy2bmom25 at 4:45 PM on Jun. 17, 2010

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