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A question for Liberals, Progressives, and/or Democrats.

In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, a lot of conservatives felt that the Bush Administration was taking a lot of unfair hits about their lackadaisical response in aid and clean-up efforts; when in fact, it was their LOCAL government, lack of personal responsibility and self-sufficiency that caused NOLA to end up worse than those who received a direct hit!

Liberals argued that the federal government should have (and could have) done a much better job at dealing with things, if it wasn't for the incompetence of GW Bush.

Now that we're 2 months (7 rounds of golf, and 2 cross-country fundraising trips for Sen. Boxer) into the oil spill response. I'm wondering where we stand...

1. Is it the incompetence of Obama that has turned this spill into such a disaster? Or,

2. Do you finally admit, that bigger isn't better, when it comes to the federal government, and throwing money at the problem doesn't solve problems either?


Asked by LoriKeet at 1:53 PM on Jun. 20, 2010 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (45)
  • Does anyone ever listen? Bush didn't send in aid (even though he asked how the feds could help at least twice) because the federal gov. can't send the Nat'l Guard or aid into a state without an official request from the head (governor) of that state. The governor said they would be fine. He began staging the assets but had to wait to be asked. That is the law. No wonder PBO does things without laws to back him. Liberals don't understand that the feds can't impose themselves on states. The oil disaster happened in federal waters where PBO didn't need to wait for someone to ask for help. Katrina and the oil spill are so different and so is the response. Bush waited to be asked for help and got blamed for someone else's inaction. PBO waited to act without needing to and Bush gets blamed for that when this is PBO's inaction. Crazy!


    Answer by jesse123456 at 10:24 PM on Jun. 20, 2010

  • Most of the ppl involved in katrina had warning and options. Its there bad for not leaving. Now its all "poor me" and what can I get for free. Don't get me wrong, I feel really bad that this happened and so many ppl were affected but they could have been a lot smarter!

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:03 PM on Jun. 20, 2010

  • Wow thunder, I need to grow up? UMM I do not care if the man plays golf and I feel bad for you people who do.

    You feel bad that other people aren't as apathetic as you are, we get it. That doesn't mean you are right when you tell people to stop talking about it, only that if you are going to throw a hissy about it you'd be better off sticking to Just for Fun.

    Answer by NotPanicking at 4:09 PM on Jun. 20, 2010

  • stacymomof2 ~ The criticism of Bush was mainly because of the lack of coordination in giving immediate aid, directly after the hurricane when people were suffering in the superdome. Babies and old people hot suffering, hungry, and thirsty. Their lives were in immediate danger.

    That wasn't Bush's fault. It wasn't anyone's fault but the people who went there with nothing. They were ALL told to bring at least three days worth of food and water and blankets/pillows. Most did not. Those who didn't stole from those who did. I watched them interviewing the people who went in. One woman had a can of soda and a boom box. When asked about food and water she said 'they told us to come here and they have to feed us'. That one statement stands out more than any other Katrina memory except possibly the looting.

    Bush did his job. Other governors and mayors did theirs. Nagin didn't. Blanco didn't. NOLA looters didn't.

    Answer by Farmlady09 at 10:30 PM on Jun. 20, 2010

  • oh, for crying out loud, Obama's underwear.


    Answer by lovinangels at 11:34 PM on Jun. 20, 2010

  • After hurrican katrina, it was atleast a week before the mississippi gulf coast received any sort of government help, before we had any soldiers come in with water and food. You never once saw any of us on the TV blaming the president. Why? Well, because our LOCAL officials stepped in, we pulled together as a community. Stores opened their doors and let people come in and take what they needed.neighbors helped neighbors. While Mississippi didnt face the same challenges NOLA did, we certainly had it just as bad. NOLA filled up with water like a bowl, Mississippi had several 80 mile, 30-40ft high tsunami type waves come in, and wash everything back out to sea. Our homes didnt just get flooded,they got washed away completely. Our people just arent as dependent on the government.
    With the oil spill I blame OBAMA. Several locals have come up with ideas to help, but nobody is allowed to do ANYTHING. He approves NOTHING!!!


    Answer by Auntiemom410 at 11:05 AM on Jun. 22, 2010

  • We are all starting to feel as if he wants it to go on.
    Katrina was hard. This is FRUSTRATING. Because we all want to do something, but there is nothing to do.
    With Katrina, no one KNEW how bad it would be. We KNOW that our children will not enjoy the beaches as we did, they will not inherit the family seafood business, they wont be able to spend time at the islands...its a way of life for us, and we know that it wont be there much longer. Its heart breaking. Because without our beaches and seafood industries, we have nothing. Our history is being destroyed.Our way of life is gone.

    Answer by Auntiemom410 at 11:10 AM on Jun. 22, 2010

  • I think it's funny how you keep up with the presidents life so much. How about getting your own. You know exactly how many rounds of golf the man has played. What color underwear is he wearing today? It seems you may know that answer.

    Answer by delilahsmom1177 at 2:26 PM on Jun. 20, 2010

  • That is a false dichotomy. The two options you have written down are not the only two ways to think about the issue.

    The criticism of Bush was mainly because of the lack of coordination in giving immediate aid, directly after the hurricane when people were suffering in the superdome. Babies and old people hot suffering, hungry, and thirsty. Their lives were in immediate danger.

    The Oil leak debacle is mostly due to bad information, and the lack of technology to stop the spill. The first reports anyone had after the explosion were saying 1000 barrels of oil were being leaked. This info was obtained from BP scientists. Then, a week or so later, they admitted to 5000. Then government and independent scientists revised the estimate up a bunch more times. I do not think the Government response was slow. It is frustrating that nobody seems to have the technology to stop it. My main problem is that these kinds of wells

    Answer by stacymomof2 at 2:41 PM on Jun. 20, 2010

  • cont

    are allowed by our government to be drilled at all. If you ask me, the mistake was made when they were allowed to drill the well in the first place. They should be MUCH more heavily regulated, if not outlawed.

    Answer by stacymomof2 at 2:43 PM on Jun. 20, 2010