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suddenly very emotional child

My son never used to be a cry baby but since he turned 4 he won't stop! If he gets told no he cries, if he gets sent to time out he cries, for no reason he cries!
I took him to a bounce party b-day party for one of his t-ball teammates. He cried when he found out they only had pizza (he likes pizza!), he cried when they didnt have apple juice even though he likes the 2 things they had. Then we get out to the bouncy park and he just stands there crying. I ended up taking him home and felt horrible. Around here those parks cost $18 a kid for a b-day party and that poor mom paid for my sont o just stand there and cry and leave after 45 minutes.
Why is he doing this?


Asked by Anonymous at 10:32 AM on Jun. 22, 2010 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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Answers (8)
  • Every party planning parent should anticipate some kind of oops. From forgetting there was a party to their child throwing up and can't come. It happens. So the cost is not on you, it's the responsibility of a host. If they can't afford it then a big party should not have been planned. As for your son... What has changed since this started? New sibling? New routine or stress? It could be any small or big thing. And he won't know or be able to articulate it. It could also be he is growing and the change IS him. That is enough to make a child weep and whine. Stay flexable, available for extra love and comfort, and remain on a good predictable solid routine. All stuff you know and do. Sometimes we stress ouselves out more by over analyizing. No parent can get on to you Unless they raised a kid who never had any mood changes. Yeah right.

    Answer by frogdawg at 9:31 PM on Jun. 22, 2010

  • Do you talk to him while he is crying and try to reason with him? That could be why if you are. Kids litterally go "out of their mind" when they become that way. The frontal lobe of their brain shuts down and there is not room for logical thinking. Ignore him. Sounds mean, but it really is best. My son was doing the same thing. He is also 4. I read about just ignoring them when they get that way and it has done miracles for his behavior. When kids want attention, they do not care if it is positive or negative, as long as it is 100% of your attention!

    Answer by ABusyBee at 10:40 AM on Jun. 22, 2010

  • You should have reimbursed the money, If something occurs and you can't attend a party or have to leave. Courtesy to the mom. Unless you really can't afford it.

    Be strong, and consistant.

    Answer by KFree907 at 10:47 AM on Jun. 22, 2010

  • Wow..sorry Momma. I think I would first, make sure he's not sick....My DD did this and couldn't figure out what was going on, went to piece's over everything!!! took her to dr and she had mono....yes, mono....took months, but she is finally better...might want to look up the symptons and see if you see anything that matches..That's a pretty big swing in behaviour...I'd be looking at causes, not just ignoring....might miss something

    Answer by ShelbysHope at 10:47 AM on Jun. 22, 2010

  • ABusyBee- At first i would ask him what was wrong and try to comfort him but like you i started thinking it was just an attention thing so now i ignore it. But it still isnt stopping and if anything he is doing it more often.

    KFree907- I tried to give her the money before i left but she refused to except it. I really couldn't afford it anyway but i still feel bad.

    ShelbysHope- i took him to the dr. for his 4 year old check up and told her about it and she seems to think it is just a 4 year old thing for them to become winey and mine is just doing it worse then some. In otherwords...she wasnt any help but he is healthy as a horse.


    Answer by wildwiccan83 at 1:44 PM on Jun. 22, 2010

  • Try pulling him aside into a quiet corner until he gets himself back under control. Don't make a big deal, just wait. perhaps if he sees he's missing out on the fun and not getting extra attention, he'll stop. Does he do it at home during a normal day or is it more frequent away from home or in groups? That might give you a hint at what causes it.

    Answer by momofryan07 at 7:05 PM on Jun. 22, 2010

  • You know your son best. You did what you knew to be in his best interest when you left. Sometimes what is best doesn't always seem like others will agree. You keep doing what you need to and this will pass

    Answer by frogdawg at 9:34 PM on Jun. 22, 2010

  • momofryan07- It is all the time, no matter where we are or who we are with.

    frogdawg- nothing that i can think of has changed. Our routine has pretty much been the same for the last 2 years. It seems like if i ignore it, it ends quicker so that is what i have been doing but my husband insists on screaming at him to "stop being a baby" no matter how much i try to talk to him to stop that.


    Answer by wildwiccan83 at 9:11 AM on Jun. 23, 2010