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Okay, let me start by admitting that in my 15 years as a mother I have for the most part been a "push over" when it comes to my kids. I have recently begun to really feel tthe error of my ways and have thus implemented some rules to help me regain control of my home. In doing so, I am going to be assigning chores for each of my kids that are old enough to help out. What I am wondering .... What are age appropriate chores for kids ages....15, 12, 8, 7, 5, 3, and 2?? I think that they shoud all be helping out but I want to give them "jobs" suitable for their ages. PLEASE....any advice is appreciated. I do not need to be told how majorly I failed them in this regard as I am already aware. I want and am trying to change what I have done. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!


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Asked by Anonymous at 1:55 PM on Jun. 27, 2010 in General Parenting

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  • Of course I think the 15 and 12 year old should have the most responsibility, much as they will not want it :)

    I think I would start by teaching them how to do laundry, and let them start with towels, towels are the easiest! :) I would probably start showing them how to load and unload the dishwasher too :)

    I would let the 8 year old and 7 do things like fold laundry, dust, maybe teach how to sweep.

    The 5 and 3 year old can pick up toys and things that need to be thrown away or put in the sink.

    The 2 year old should probably be responsible for toy clean up, and he will need the most help :)

    Try to make it fun for the younger ones, and reward them for a job well done :)

    I would break them up into teams like I did, and let the littlest be YOUR helper :)

    And add chores as they master those, when they show they can handle what you have given them!

    Answer by mom2twobabes at 2:00 PM on Jun. 27, 2010

  • Good for you for deciding to do this for your kids! The older ones could help with dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, just cleaning in general. Maybe start the younger ones with helping pick up toys and other things laying around the house. I think the 12 and 15 yr old should definitely be taught to do all the chores so they will be able to do it for themselves once they leave home. Good luck!

    Answer by shanlaree at 2:00 PM on Jun. 27, 2010

  • The 2 and 3 year old: picking up their own toys
    5: dusting, helping set the table
    7: gather dirty laundry, take clean laundry to the appropriate family members room
    8: take out trash
    12: dishes, clean kitchen
    15: clean bathrooms or yardwork

    This is just my suggestion for how my family did it when I was growing up, we just had a 5 kid household.

    Answer by rhianna1708 at 2:02 PM on Jun. 27, 2010

  • You've got a lot of kiddos to help with the chores! lol :)
    2 help pick up toys and messes
    3 help pick up toys and messes, help make bed
    5 pick up toys/messes, make bed, vacume, wipe window/countertops, sinks, unload dishes with help
    7 everything the younger kids do + feeding animals, doing dishes w/help, vacuming, dusting, help cleaning bathroom, collecting laundry, yard work
    8 same as 7 and below, yard work
    12 same as below, help cleaning car, take out trash, do dishes alone
    15 same as below, clean car esp once he/she starts using it, take out the drash, do dishes, yard work/mowing lawn...

    Fill in where you think kids should be able to help depending on thier age and understanding of tasks, then right out a chore chart of rotation and have them take turns with kids simular in age...

    Answer by CAGirl4 at 2:03 PM on Jun. 27, 2010

  • What I would do first is make a list of chores that need to be done.
    Then separate the chores into age groups. Chores for the 15 and 12yo. Chores for the 8 and 7 year old and chores for the younger kids.
    Then sit down with the older kids and say "These are the chores that you two will be doing. Let's divide them up fairly."
    Let them have some input as to which ones they would like to do and which ones they absolutely do NOT want to do. Divide them up and then put the ones they don't want to do into a hat and draw them out randomly. Alternate weeks of the chores they don't want to that it's fair.
    Do the same with the 8 and 7yo.

    For the younger kids, give them some easier chores like feeding the dog(if you have one), tidying up toys, etc...easy ones to get them used to it.

    Answer by Laila-May at 2:05 PM on Jun. 27, 2010

  • I have four kids between the ages of 7 and 15. I assign chores weekly and I post the list on the 'fridge. I change weekly so that the kids don't get bored with the chores and start doing a crappy job and fighting that so-and-so has a better job than they have. For example, this week the 9 yr old empties the dishwasher and loads it with any dishes from the sink, while the 7 yr old washes the counters. The 15 yr old sweeps the floors and folds the laundry and each child puts her own clothes away. The 11 yr old picks up the hallways up and downstairs, and cleans the computer desk (since she's on that computer the most). They are all responsible for rinsing their dishes and for cleaning their rooms daily.

    Your little ones could be responsible for picking up toys, etc. Maybe they could "help" the older ones put laundry away after it's folded. I think my kids started putting their clothes away at about age 3 (I would watch them).

    Answer by anime_mom619 at 2:05 PM on Jun. 27, 2010

  • WOW! You have your hands full! :o)

    The 15 and 12 year old could: help put groceries away; help with the laundry--washing, folding, and putting away for the younger ones, make their beds and change the bedding; load, wash and put away the dishes. Prepare simple meals for the younger children--like PB &J, grilled cheese, toast, waffles, cereal and milk, etc. You could certainly teach them how to cook dinner too!

    The 8 and 7 year old could: Set and clear and wash the table, sweep the floors, make their own beds, keep their personal spaces clean/organized. Feed the pets (if you have any)

    And the 5, 3, and 2 year old could: Clean up their toys and bedrooms (maybe with the 5 year old "supervising"), and put their dishes in the sink or dishwasher.

    Whatever you do, make sure you show your appreciation and maybe offer a reward as a thank you to get them motivated. :o)

    Answer by LoriKeet at 2:08 PM on Jun. 27, 2010

  • Good for you! Being part of the family team is the best thing you can do, for them and you! I agree with the girls above, dishes laundry, vacuuming, dusting, toy pick up, helping with pets (if you have any) taking responsiblity for their rooms (for the older ones), helping set the table for meal times. My 14 yr old son is responsible for our lawn (it's not very big), cleaning the kids bathroom (once a week), and the taking care of our two dogs (food, water, cleaning up after potty) Good luck!

    Answer by SandraLee242 at 2:08 PM on Jun. 27, 2010

  • Make a choir chart and let the older ones pick out what choirs they will be responsible for.  Each week rotate chores so it will be fair. With your little ones you can teachto put toys away, dust, water the lawn etc.  I have four children my daughters are 17 1nd 20 they do their own laundry, clean the bathrooms, on occasion they will wash the dishes.  My 6 year old twins make their beds, pick up toys, help feed our dog, tidy up their room.  The older ones also help me with their little brothers :)


    Answer by mommiedear at 2:34 PM on Jun. 27, 2010

  • 15, 12, 8, 7, 5, 3, and 2

    The fifteen and 12 year old can do pretty much any chore. From dishes to cleaning the bathroom to taking out the garbage.
    The eight year old can wash windows, take out trash, pick up Living room, toy room, their own room.
    The seven year old can do what the eight year old can.
    The five year old can help take out trash, pick up living room, toy room, their room. He can also vacuum.
    The 3 and 2 year old can help put away toys and help pick up their rooms.

    I don't agree with letting them pick the chores. I think you should keep control by assigning them chores and setting times for when they should be done. By 7:00 at night let's say. After homework is done, etc.

    Answer by JazzlikeMraz at 2:47 PM on Jun. 27, 2010

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