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Doctors wants to do VCUG test on 15 months boy

My son has high fever on Wednesday, took him to the ER and found out that he has UTI. The doctors prescribed antiobiotics to take ( amoxicillin), 2 days after that I took him back to pediatric doctors to do urine test culture, the test came back normal. While in the hosptal the nurse pull back his forskin to clean and to visualize look to see if it infected. His penis is red after that and it hurt him so he won't let me change his diaper, he would scream everytime i touch it. By taking antibiotics it gave him diarrhea and his botton now is red but look better after lots of people told me to put desitin and lortrimin on him. Now he almost back to normal, seems happy and now the doctors want to perform these test on him. Meaning he would has to be catherized him to look his bladder. I don't see any reason for the test, since his pee is normal. He is not wearing diaper and every 2 hours he would pee. Should I do the test???

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Asked by hungluvphuong at 4:12 PM on Jun. 28, 2010 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • My friend's little girl became seriously ill after repeat UTIs that were just treated with antibiotics and not looked into further. Finally a good doctor looked further and found she had kidney reflux, which he said was more common than people think since children's bladders are still growing. I think it would be better to do the quick cath and be done with it than risk having to go through it all again in a few weeks or a month. Best of luck!

    Answer by LittleWeloosMom at 4:17 PM on Jun. 28, 2010

  • I think they are concerned about a chronic condition and not just clearing this one up. You can always get a second opinion.


    Answer by RyansMom001 at 4:18 PM on Jun. 28, 2010

  • How many has he had? My DD only had one, but she was ONLY 4.5 months old. I'm glad they did the VCUG because she had grade 4 kidney reflux. Her urologist said that this is something some kids grow out of and some don't. She was put on a daily low dose antibiotic til she was 12.5 months and rechecked and she grew out of it.

    If it were me I would go ahead and have it done to save you and your little one all the trouble of having to go through all this again.

    Answer by allmyblessings at 4:24 PM on Jun. 28, 2010

  • I wouldn't do it unless he has chronic UTI's... if he has another infection within a few months or has more than 3 in a few years I would get it done.

    Answer by AmiJanell at 4:28 PM on Jun. 28, 2010

  • YES! It's unusual for kids that young to have a UTI unless they have kidney reflux. We had the same thing happen last summer, only my DD ended up hospitalized because the infection had made her septic. Kidney reflux means that there is a structural problem in the bladder that allows urine to travel back up to the kidney. This is a big problem, because a simple bladder infection can infect the kidney, which can cause kidney damage. DD has a grade 3 reflux- she is on a low dose of antibiotics all the time, and we have another VCUG in July to determine if we continue that or do surgery. She only had one UTI, and she already has a spot of kidney damage. Our specialist said one more infection and he will do surgery to correct, rather than allow the kidney to be damaged further. We go to AI Dupont, one of the best children's hospitals in the US, and I trust the Dr. Private message me if you have more ???

    Answer by musichollie at 4:38 PM on Jun. 28, 2010

  • BTW- the surgery to correct this is supposed to be very easy and short. The VCUG for that age child should be done sedated, which means it's harder on you than him. After her first one when she was 1, our specialist said they won't sedate up to the age of one, but after that they don't want the kids remembering the experience. She was sedated with a test in Feb. to look for the kidney damage, and she did great!!! Seriously, if you're not sure, find a pediatric urologist near you and get their opinion, since they will have seen this many times before.

    Answer by musichollie at 4:42 PM on Jun. 28, 2010

  • This is my son 1st UTI, it clear up after 2 day, since I had to force him to drank water, by using the syringe to force water into his mouth other than that he would not drank water. Even if you put it in sippy cup, he would drank milk in sippy cup, he doesn't drank juice. I don't want to put him into something that he would be scare everytime I change him, or even look at it. He is now just back to normal, like I said the nurse at the ER scare the hell out of him, it took me almost 5 days to get back to normal routine. As a parent do I have the right to refuse???

    Comment by hungluvphuong (original poster) at 5:50 PM on Jun. 28, 2010

  • You can refuse, but I would seriously allow the test. My daughter only had one UTI and it damaged her kidney. The test is simple- they put the catheter in while he lays on a table/ machine. They insert the dye into his bladder and then remove the catheter and let him pee it out, the whole time they are taking pictures. The most traumatic thing is laying still underneath the machinery, which you can get around if he gets sedated. Kidney damage is NOT able to heal, and can be permanent. Is the normal routine of your day worth a possible future with only one (or none) working kidneys? I hate to be dramatic, but that is absolutely the decision you may make.

    Answer by musichollie at 9:34 PM on Jun. 28, 2010

  • You can actually see the dye on the monitor. With my DD it didn't even stay in her bladder it went straight into her kidneys.

    Answer by allmyblessings at 9:43 AM on Jun. 29, 2010

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