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Are you offended when someone believes that their religion or faith is the truth?

I've seen lots of posts blasting Christians because our faith teaches us that Jesus Christ is the way to God the Father. That is a central tenet to our faith. I would submit that if we do not truly believe that, we are not Christians. This belief goes back to the very beginnings of Christianity, and it can be found in the Bible.

Many religions claim to be the truth. In fact, I would say that if you are not fully convinced that your belief system is true, you do not believe it at all.

I personally feel that I should not be offended when someone believes that their religion is truth. I am more interested in whether that person presents his or her argument with respect for others.

It is not up to me to say who is going to heaven or hell. That will be decided by God the Father. I do not apologize for believing that Christianity is truth, but I do apologize if I am ever rude in my words or my actions.


Asked by Iamgr8teful at 6:30 PM on Jun. 29, 2010 in Religion & Beliefs

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Answers (27)
  • Are you speaking directly to me? lol Thanks for your post. I feel like you speaking to me because I love talking about Jesus, like you mentioned, only, I had a post that I kind of bickered in, sort of. I always try to be respectful, even when I disagree. There is a huge difference in having conversations then being "preached at". In the world of CM there is going to be drama.

    I always say this:
    Its possible to agree and not compromise your beliefs.

    Answer by 3gigglemonsters at 7:11 PM on Jun. 29, 2010

  • I'm not offended by people believing that their faith is the truth.  I am offended when they try to tell me that mine isn't.


    Answer by beeky at 6:41 PM on Jun. 29, 2010

  • I'm only offended if they try to push it on me and act like I'm a bad person bc I don't believe like them.

    Answer by fairyinabubble at 6:36 PM on Jun. 29, 2010

  • It's the truth for you and that's fine. It's only offensive when someone starts saying that it's the only possible truth and that anyone who doesn't think the same way as they do is just plain wrong.

    Answer by RhondaVeggie at 6:36 PM on Jun. 29, 2010

  • I expect people to believe their religion is the truth, otherwise why are they part of it. I'm only offended when they insist that I must also believe it is the truth.

    Answer by Bezu at 6:40 PM on Jun. 29, 2010

  • The only time I get offended is when they push or try to say that what I believe is wrong. You may believe that, but you don't have to voice it.

    Answer by SalemWitchChild at 6:40 PM on Jun. 29, 2010

  • No, I don't get offended. I'm glad for someone who is that sure in their beliefs, just as I am in mine. I am only offended when I'm treated badly or with disrespect for having different beliefs than most.

    Answer by Kiwismommy19 at 6:42 PM on Jun. 29, 2010

  • I don't care if you believe your religion to be the truth..

    I become offended when you expect me to believe your religion is the truth. By doing so you take away my free will. Not okay in my book (and it's not okay in your book either).

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 6:51 PM on Jun. 29, 2010

  • I'm not offended because people believe what they think the truth is to them. However I do get annoyed when they don't accept that others believe differently and feel as strongly about their beliefs and they do.


    Answer by RyansMom001 at 6:59 PM on Jun. 29, 2010

  • If we think about it most all religions claim that their beliefs are the truth and that others are wrong or incorrect. The importance is therefore on how we express our opinions on the matter. Usually this can be avoided by using precluding statements such as "In my opinion" or "In my beleifs". Often though this isn't the case and opinions are thrown around as if they are fact which leads to much of the animosity and hostilitiy between differing beliefs.

    Answer by KristiS11384 at 7:07 PM on Jun. 29, 2010