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What can I do for sore nipples?

My daughters just over 4 months and breastfed exclusively, I've not really had problems breastfeeding (thankfully) since the first few days, but for the last couple of days my nipples have been hurting a bit? I have no other problems and they look normal. I've started to use the lansinoh cream again but is there anything else I could do? Why could they be getting sore? It's bareable but I don't want it getting any worse!


Asked by Melissa15 at 9:48 AM on Jul. 6, 2010 in Babies (0-12 months)

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Answers (10)
  • You can try to rub some fresh breast milk on them.

    Answer by ameliasmama1 at 9:53 AM on Jul. 6, 2010

  • Lanolin was the only thing that helped me

    Answer by elizabr at 9:59 AM on Jul. 6, 2010

  • It could be that she is sucking harder getting ready for a growth spurt. Let them air dry as much as you can, rub some breastmilk on the as it has soothing roperties and keep using the cream. You may be noticing what is called as Raynauds Symdrome. I didn't get it until about this time either. There is nothimg you can do other than to try to keep a warm cloth handy for as soon as she unlatches.

    Answer by Jademom07 at 10:00 AM on Jul. 6, 2010

  • Possible causes of soreness include teething saliva, thrush (baby can have no symptoms) and the return of your period. For anything but thrush, you're doing the right things.

    Answer by gdiamante at 10:08 AM on Jul. 6, 2010

  • Rub with breastmilk and let air-dry. Then rub with coconut oil

    Answer by rkoloms at 10:24 AM on Jul. 6, 2010

  • I don't have any advice, so here is a bump...

    Answer by KnitWit0686 at 4:34 PM on Jul. 6, 2010

  • You may have some "backup" going on. There are different kinds of breastmilk - the front milk is watery, and the hindmilk is the thick rich cream - some babies do not suck for long enough, or have a strong enough latch to ensure they get all of the hind milk. My 2nd was a 2-minute man- I was advised by my lactation consultant to put him on the same breast for 3-4 feedings to ensure the breast was thoroughly emptied. Believe it or not, your body will adjust to the feeding style of your child. My advise (as an extended breastfeeder who had 2 very different babes...) would be to put babe on the same breast for 2-3 feedings to empty is completely. If the sorenoess continues, you should see your doctor as mastitis is a real concern. For temporary relief, I found hot showers, warm cloths or cold cabbage leaves helped as does rubbing fresh breastmilk on them. PM me if you need more help. Good luck!

    Answer by LisaLulu at 5:20 PM on Jul. 6, 2010

  • You'll laugh, but sunlight. Seriously express a little milk onto your nipples and let it dry in the sunlight, even through a window will help.

    Answer by carsonsmommy at 6:00 PM on Jul. 6, 2010

  • i know this sounds far out but try a cabbage leaf {cool and washed} on your breast, it helped mine and even helps to keep them from getting fever..i know weird but i swear by the cabbage leaf it works!

    Answer by bamamommy2009 at 9:49 PM on Jul. 6, 2010

  • Just be careful with the cabbage leaf, as it is used to help dry up your milk supply.

    Answer by carsonsmommy at 9:47 AM on Jul. 13, 2010