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Pagans and Wiccans...a spin off question...kind of...

I was reading the spell casting question and had a question. Do you believe within your belief system (religion?) that a positive outlook goes a long way in the power of your spells? I may not be asking this right. What I notice in the responses was for her to be sure to be calm. So what I am wondering are there steps to take AFTER the spell is cast. Like a way of approaching or dealing with the person that helps to expedite the spell? Or is the belief that the spell alone (if said in the right conditions) is enough?


Asked by momof030404 at 4:40 PM on Jul. 9, 2010 in Religion & Beliefs

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Answers (13)
  • Yes. Spells are a way to transfer YOUR energy in to something in order to directly alter the world around you. This focused energy leaves you and enters the world around you... But if you don't believe in what you are doing, that energy also enters the world around you and will "chip away" at what you did with your spell.

    Answer by SabrinaMBowen at 4:44 PM on Jul. 9, 2010

  • You, as a witch, are the most important tool in the working of your magic. You must be able to free your mind of negative emotions before you perform a spell, because they are so strong that they can not only destroy the person you aim them at, but harm you yourself as well. I have chosen to be a white witch and to do spells that help, spells that require positive energy. I did do a banishing spell once in a spirit of hatred and loathing for the person I was aiming it at (I was new to the craft at that time and didn't have much control). The man died. I wanted him to go away, not die. So, yes, self-discipline MUST be exercised in spellcraft. Your personal energy is a powerful thing. I am much more careful when I do my spells now.

    Answer by witchqueen at 4:51 PM on Jul. 9, 2010

  • The best thing to do after a spell is not to think of it at all. Dwelling on IF it's working or WHEN it's going to work or HOW it will work will only add negative energy and weaken the magick. Clear it from your mind and go about your day. Now, in some cases a spell may take time - hour or days - to preform in which case it's best to try to clear it from your mind between stages and then completely afterward.

    Spells are SIMILAR to prayer, but not the same. When you are praying you are asking a "third party" or "middle man" to put their energy in to your need. When you are doing spell work you are using your own energy.

    Answer by SabrinaMBowen at 5:08 PM on Jul. 9, 2010

  • oh and the ending to a spell is diff and in some ways the same for ever one. you thank your deities some give offers some don't when you cook a meal and its done do you just walk away. no you suavity, talk over it and think about in and clean up after it

    Answer by Manda_Evans at 5:00 PM on Jul. 9, 2010

  • i personally after do what ever it is that i set out to do let a length of time to pass and sit thinking good thoughts and imagine in my mind the things I've asked to got though and see in my mind them preformed to the end. and keep the spell in my mind as i go on about my days that fallow tell it is done. but before you leave your circles always remember to thank the gods and goddesses for the things they do for you. some time i let me son help me in some of the offerings he like to leave skittles and M&Ms for the goddess and god.

    Answer by Manda_Evans at 4:58 PM on Jul. 9, 2010

  • I leave the circle KNOWING that the spell worked and I can see the outcome working out. Does it always work out the way I see it? No but it does work out in a postive light.

    Answer by pnwmom at 5:03 PM on Jul. 9, 2010

  • Exactly Sabrina, I leave knowing that it worked and thats it. If you ever second guess your work that is negative energy. I have a friend IRL that questioned if he used the right materials, THAT in itself weakened the spell. From that point on he second guessed everything he did and he didn't get the outcome he desired.

    Answer by pnwmom at 5:12 PM on Jul. 9, 2010

  • The point about being calm means not to obsess about it. You've moved it from your consciousness to another. By thinking about it, wondering when it'll take effect & whether or not you'll be able to see these effects diminishes your spell. It also makes whatever you did the spell about to take up way too much room in your brain. I use spells as a way of releasing myself from any emotional attachment to the specific situation. For example, if its a protection spell after I ask for protection I feel protected vs wondering if I really am protected. Does that make any sense to you? By releasing it from my "control" I'm turning it over to forces way bigger & more powerful than myself, by me holding on to it I'm hindering any help I would've gotten. Like what Sabrina said too!


    Answer by Nyx7 at 5:25 PM on Jul. 9, 2010

  • But once the spell is cast is that the end. You walk away and wait? Or it something you go back to and reinforce in a small way (like focusing your energy towards that goal in a small way)? I have only known prayer and I believe prayer works but I am interested in this belief as well just because it's fascinating. So I guess in a way I am kind of equating it to prayer....which may be wrong. Like when I was learning the rosary the bead hold special meaning and "help" the prayers along. But then if the results arent what we are hoping for we pray know? So do you go back and preform the eENTIRE spell again or are there just like brief follow ups?


    Comment by momof030404 (original poster) at 4:56 PM on Jul. 9, 2010

  • The postive energy is another reason many of us will not perform as spell with people that we are not close to. I do most of my spell work alone as to keep the focus pure.

    Answer by pnwmom at 5:05 PM on Jul. 9, 2010