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I am now three months pregnant and still smoking. any ideas on how to quit slowly?

i was smoking one pack a day. didnt know i was pregnant for the first two months because im always irregular and skipping periods anyway. once i found out i slowed down but not where i want to be.. i know one mom on here has went through the same thing . tips would be helpful thank you.

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:48 AM on Jul. 10, 2010 in Pregnancy

Answers (14)
  • Stop Smoking for your unborn child!

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:52 AM on Jul. 10, 2010

  • ween. That's the only way to do it safely. The stress of quitting can be unsettling (I suppose that's a good word. I don't want to say 'dangerous' because I think that's a little too far) to the fetus. If you smoke a pack a day right now, cut down to 15 for a week. If you are down to half a pack, cut it by two a week. You either need some serious willpower or someone to keep an eye on you, because the trouble is you will have the other half of the pack laying around, and it's easy to cheat. I would try without any nicotine replacements, but if you need them, I would say they are most likely safer then cigarettes, since they only contain one chemical. Also, talk to your OB about quitting support groups run by the hospital he has rights at. Lots and lots of hospitals do them now. There are several support groups on CM as well. It's hard, but you can do it!

    Answer by Jenny-talia at 10:52 AM on Jul. 10, 2010

  • i think cold turkey is best. get lots of candy and gum to suck and chew on.

    Answer by happy2bmom25 at 10:54 AM on Jul. 10, 2010

  • Anon: Didn't she say she WAS GOING TO QUIT? I agree with Jenny.

    Answer by matthewscandi at 10:55 AM on Jul. 10, 2010

  • I think it's great that your going to try. Too many people get this attitude where they make excuses about why it's ok to smoke during pregnancy and its ridiculous. Maybe if you put yourself on a strict schedule (one every two hours) and then slowly increase the space in between until you aren't smoking at all over a few weeks? Or decrease by two every day until you are done?

    Answer by mommypip at 11:00 AM on Jul. 10, 2010

  • What i did was slowly start weening myself off of them. I had so many packs left and gave myself a quit by date and would set how many cigs a day I would smoke until they were gone. On the last day it would be only 1 cig. I eventually quit because I kept gagging everytime I tried to smoke anyways.

    Answer by saysha100687 at 11:00 AM on Jul. 10, 2010

  • Since I wouldn't put a cigarette in my newborn's mouth, I'd do it cold turkey right now. This isn't about you.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:01 AM on Jul. 10, 2010

  • many people do not realize that the stress to mom and baby quitting cold turkey can be as dangerous as the smoking. Ween,a nd speak to your doc about helping you do that. There really is no other way then to commit to a quitting scheduale nad follow thru with it. Good for you for trying for your baby. its hard but I believe in you and you can do it.
    and to the anons who were snarky-nice ay to be supportive and you believe in your answer so much ya cant use your name. thank God for downvoting. :)

    Answer by Bearsjen at 11:04 AM on Jul. 10, 2010

  • Was this an unplanned pregnancy? If it was, then I understand why it might be harder for you to take a break from smoking. Have you tried hypnosis? It could help with the stress that everyone is talking about here. I'd be worried about what it is doing to your little unborn baby like you said. Good luck with your situation. My friend's doctor was riding her about how much caffeine and salt she had in her diet, I can imagine what yours is saying to you for smoking. Hopefully your success is right around the corner. Your baby will thank you.

    Answer by Lifes-A-Dance at 11:10 AM on Jul. 10, 2010

  • When I found out I was pregnant, I quit that day. I chewed A LOT of gum. Im glad I did it and I wasnt stressed about quitting because I wanted a healthy baby.

    Answer by Aqua_Jen at 11:37 AM on Jul. 10, 2010

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