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When you end a friendship, should your other friends end it too??

So if you fight with a friend, and decide to part ways, does it get on your nerves when you hear that your other friends are still hanging around that person? Esp if it was those SAME FRIENDS that advised you to tell her off and go the other way? I know the "right" thing to do is not care, and they're adults, blah blah blah- but I'm tapping into the SHALLOW side of you! If you're done with the girl, should your other friends back you up and cut it off too?

In my case, this girl was one of my closest friends, I ended the friendship, and now ppl that I'm friends with that barely even KNEW her (and advised me to get away from her, etc) are still chatting it up with her via Facebook, myspace, inviting her to hang out, etc. WTF?!?! I thought you hated her?!


Asked by Anonymous at 1:29 AM on Jul. 11, 2010 in Relationships

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Answers (7)
  • It depends on how they told you to part ways. If they suggested that just to keep the peace, then no, I wouldn't expect them to stop being friends with that person. If they were bashing this person and suggested that we part ways because that person is this, that, and the other, but continued being friends with her, I'd take a second look at those friends. I wouldn't expect them to cut off a friendship just because I did, but if they are talking badly about a person that they are "friends" with, I would only have to assume that they would be doing the same about me. You can take the girl out of highschool, but sometimes you can never take the highschool out of the girl.

    Answer by nicolemstacy at 12:23 AM on Jul. 12, 2010

  • I think it depends on what the ex-friend did. My daughter's biological father ended things with us when I wouldn't have an abortion. Then, he lied to people who were sending gifts for her and never gave them to us. He has never paid child support, and when I got married and moved away, he told his friends that my daughter and I died in a car accident, he identified the bodies, went to the funeral, oh and before we died, my husband beat my daughter. After the truth came out, some of our mutual friends, remained friends with him. At that point, I stopped associating with the mutual friends.

    Answer by toriandgrace at 1:47 AM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • It depends on why you decided to cut ties with her. If she did something horrible to you, or your family, then I could see why you would be upset that others are still buddies with her. If it was more just a matter of not being able to appreciate differing opinions/views/beliefs/lifestyles, then I think it is very petty to expect others to follow your move. Plus, would you really want friends that follow you rather than make their own choices?

    Answer by HouseKatof2 at 1:57 AM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • I had a friend and she demanded I stop talking to other people. I did not quit talking to those people but explained I can not be angry with people who have done nothing to me. She quit talking to me!
    It upset me, but I am over it now.

    Answer by tryin2BGOOD at 1:31 AM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • If it's just a "parting of ways" due to somethign between the two of you, then no I really wouldn't expect my other friends to totally disown the person. I mean if she's done nothing to them, then why should they? I've actually had friendships end, and my other friends stay in touch with the other person. It doesn't bother me at all.

    Answer by AprilDJC at 2:12 AM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • I think it is stupid to expect someone else to end a relationship because you had a problem with that person.
    Why would you want people to choose sides?

    Answer by Niki_sd at 6:01 AM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • Nope. Not my business what they do. I've never cared about that sort of thing, ever.

    Answer by gdiamante at 1:32 AM on Jul. 12, 2010