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potty block, has anyone experienced this? he'll be 3 in 3 months

my son has developed a sort of block on potty training! he was doing great with peeing in the potty and would pee his undies sometimes but overall was doing well w/ peeing. but then when he was 2 and a half his baby brother was born 2 months early. we were really hoping to have him pretty much good on pottying before his baby brother was born and it seemed like it was going to happen until he was born so early.

we weren't home for 3 weeks because we were at a ronald mcdonald house and everything potty training related kind of went by the way side.

now he will not pee his undies very often but he also will hardly go on the potty. he is just holding it until he takes a nap or goes to bed because he wears pull ups then! when i try to get him to use the potty he cries that he doesn't want to. the last thing i want to do is force him and make things worse.

i am sure this was all caused by the disruption in his life...

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Asked by Anonymous at 3:53 PM on Jul. 11, 2010 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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  • Don't stress yourself or the little guy. He will use the potty in time. As adults we sometimes have to resort back to wearing diapers, it's a sad and vicious cycle. He's doing fine, relax. There is no time limit, and this is not a race . Who cares what other moms think, most of them arent worth knowing anyway, especially if they judge you and your methods. Peace

    Answer by Call4me at 3:56 PM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • are right. Something like a new baby in the house is a big deal! Many kids will revert back to more baby-like behavior as an attention thing...just think-their whole world has just changed. Take a break from training for right now....keep encouraging.....allow him to participate in caring for the new baby....make the "you're a BIG brother" a really big deal so he feels like a big boy!! He'll come around soon enough...
    If it helps, mine was almost 4!! and with no new

    Answer by connorsmom1970 at 3:57 PM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • If you don't bribe, now may be the time to do a big one since he is old enough to potty train.

    My son wanted a Big Wheel. We were at Target buying diapers and looking at the Big Wheel. He didn't mind diapers and didn't care one bit about being potty trained. I told him if I didn't have to buy the diapers any more I would have money to buy the Big Wheel. We went home, took off the diaper, and he was potty trained. No problems at all. Of course we went and got the Big Wheel and had a Big Wheel party!


    Answer by Gailll at 4:05 PM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • My daughter was 3 1/2 when she was potty trained. I bribed and did everything. I would blow up a balloon every time she would use the potty, I trained her on the "big potty" because if we went out and she needed to go she wouldn't be afraid to use it since we cant bring the little one with us. I tried chocolate and everything and NOTHING worked until I told her it was magic. I told her if she peed in the potty and flushed it the water turns blue and that means good job (I used the little tablet thing) and she was so suprised. Then I told her if she peed in it again the water would turn green and then she could flush it and it would be blue again. Ever since then...thats what has always worked.

    Answer by TigerBaby69 at 4:10 PM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • what we did with ds when he was a month shy of being 3 i put him in undies with plastic pants. yes we had alot of accidents but after a week of doing that during the day and pull ups at night he got it. then we started doing the plastic pants and undies at night. and it took about a month in a half before he would get out of bed to pee at night. also we put a plastic sheet under his regular sheet. we had tried to potty train him when he was 1 because i was pregnant with my dd. of course it didnt work and dd ended up on a apnea monitor so ds didnt want to worry about using the potty when she might need him. now im getting ready to start potty training dd because she is 2 months shy of being 2

    Answer by knagsmom at 7:49 PM on Jul. 11, 2010

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