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Do you think kids that are picky eaters are that way because of genetics or whatever, or because parents don't teach them to eat well from a young age?

I understand kids who won't eat a few foods, but what about those who don't eat any veggies, any fruit, etc. And don't get me wrong, I KNOW that even parents who do everything perfect don't always end up with kids who aren't picky.

With that being said, the ONLY kids I have ever met who are incredibly picky are those whose parents feed them crap and processed food from day one. Once my dd started eating solids she was allowed ONLY veggies for a long time. Then meat, and only as a treat fruits. Now that she is two she will literally eat ANYTHING I give her, raw veggies, etc. she prefers salad over mac and cheese, etc.

What do you guys think?


Asked by Anonymous at 6:19 PM on Jul. 11, 2010 in General Parenting

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Answers (21)
  • In cases where kids refuse every veggie and fruit offered I think its the parents. There are some kids who will go through phases and try to be defiant, or will see a peer pull this with their own parents and decide that's how they want to be though. My oldest is now nearly 9 and wants to be just like his best friend that eats tons of junk, but this is not how he's been raised. I continue to offer with a one bite rule and hope that it passes quickly as he genuinely does like most of the stuff he's turning down.

    Also, I think modeling comes into play often too. When a child sees a parent that refuses to eat fruits or veggies, they're going to try to mimic that parent by refusing them as well. Good examples go far with children.

    Answer by Ginger0104 at 6:30 PM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • because of parents

    Answer by shay1130 at 6:20 PM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • Usually parents. They're too lazy to be parents and deal with a little crying over eating a few veggies so they give into the kids wanting to eat junk.

    Answer by LostTheSlipper at 6:25 PM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • i don't understand why some people like to blame everything on genetics

    Answer by shay1130 at 6:21 PM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • I think it's from lenient parenting. IMHO Giving in too easily to a kid's wants.

    I've also heard though that breastfed babies turn into less picky eaters since breastmilk flavor changes according to what mommy ate. It doesn't taste the same every single time like formula does.

    I also have the 3 bite rule - they must try at least 3 bites of new foods before they can say "I don't like it!" if after 3 bites, they still tell me they don't like it, that's fine, they are allowed to not like certain things, but can't say you don't like it if you've never tried it.

    Answer by DarkFaery131 at 6:23 PM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • my son is incredibly picky . we have always fed fresh fruits and veggies and good meats. hes six. even when he was a baby. he would not eat pureed baby food so we had to step up to really chunky and from the table. He to this day wont eat anything creamy (mashed potatoes melted cheese pudding yogurt etc) he wont eat scrambled eggs butwill eat them hardboiled. he loves chicken and fish. so no i dont thinks its parents feeding their kids crap as you put it Idont buy junk but my kid has to eat something and I continue to try to get him to eat the creamy things but still no luck.

    Answer by elananme at 6:30 PM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • All children go through picky phases, often multiple times. How parents handle them determines whether or not they grow up to be picky eaters.

    There was a study out about fifteen years ago that determined that formula fed babies were more likely to be picky eaters, especially with textures.

    Answer by rkoloms at 6:45 PM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • Honestly I don't know a huge amount of kids, but the ones that are the pickiest eaters, it's definitely the parents.

    Answer by Christina807 at 6:47 PM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • I have 3 children. Two will eat anything you give them. One will only eat abiut 20 things. I'd say it's partially genetic.

    Answer by lovinangels at 6:51 PM on Jul. 11, 2010

  • My kids are 5 and 3, both raised exactly the same way. 5 year old loves and tries everything, 3 year old not so much.

    Answer by gramsmom at 6:21 PM on Jul. 11, 2010