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Are You Susceptible To Peer Pressure...As An Adult?

So, this peer pressure topic does not only show in our children, teens, our parenting books, etc.
To me it's a topic that is never outgrown.
I face this all the time in meetings, committee's in which I serve, classes that I take, etc.
I'm constantly trying to keep my integrity and character in check.
Peer pressure...
It happens, not just in school locker rooms and hallways, but around the lunch table with work associates, in the homes of people who are more affluent, during adult conversations when you don't want to admit who you really are or what you truly believe.
The fear of being different or to disagree doesn't leave you when you reach adulthood.

As an adult - is it still a small fear?


Asked by Leezah at 8:24 AM on Jul. 13, 2010 in Relationships

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Answers (8)
  • I think we'd all like to believe that we aren't influenced by others but the truth is that just isn't the case. Everytime we converse with others we are evaluating what we say and how we want the other to perceive us. Wheither we want to have agreement with them or we want to shock them. We all have to live in this society and want acceptance. There are social rules we all live by to be accepted. Think about a weird person who talks to themselves or makes inappropriate comments. They are shunned. We call them weird cause they don't follow the rules. Now imagine a girl telling you she sleeps with whomever she wants every night. She's not following the rules either. I definately believe we are influenced by other no matter how much we like to believe not.

    Answer by bjane01 at 3:00 PM on Jul. 13, 2010

  • I'm not so easily susceptible. I've always followed the beat of my own drum & i am used to being around people who think differently than i do. I usually don't discuss differences too much, especially the touchy subjects like religion & politics. But, if i do get roped in, i always stand my ground. Part of my personality is enjoying being different., I would never say something just to "fit in". I would never EVER go against my beliefs, i will aways stay true to my character. BUT, i have had to keep my mouth shut a few times, especially around DH's family who are all born again Christians & i was raised Hindu...LOL! I know they all think we're going to hell, but i am not going to feed into their conversations so that they'll have more crap to talk about me. So, i usually keep quiet around certain family members.

    The other night though, i was talked into having one last, guess i got peer pressured!

    Answer by samurai_chica at 8:55 AM on Jul. 13, 2010

  • I never had a lot of people around to be influenced by when I was a kid I was a loner I had maybe a few friends. it was strange to me that the couple times I did get in trouble I realized that you might get in trouble as a group but I still have to go home to my parents and get in trouble alone so that lesson was hard learned. I did not need peer pressure I was sometimes in enough trouble by myself. it also helps that I am a writer all my own thoughts.


    Answer by pinkdragon36 at 8:58 AM on Jul. 13, 2010

  • My husband and I fight about this quite a bit actually. I am always myself, I never pretend to be anything or anyone else. My dh on the other hand changes depending on who he's with. He's a recovering addict but chooses to hang out with his friends that still use. When we're alone he talks about putting the family 1st and how he doesn't feel the need to abuse drugs/alcohol anymore. When he's with his friends, he begs me to "let" him use and will tell his friends he can't use with them because he wants to get laid. It makes me, him, and our relationship look really really bad. It's odd to me how such a big, muscular, tattooed man can be such a pansy. When it comes right down to it, I may be tiny, but I most definitely have more balls.


    Answer by -xoxo- at 9:52 AM on Jul. 13, 2010

  • I'd like to think that I am an independent thinker, but I do find myself feeling out of place at times. It is easier to fall in with others. I suspect that it goes back to formative times of our species when friends were those who were the same, and someone who was different was an enemy. These days, of course, we have much more latitude about just how close someone has to be before we are uncomfortable around them.

    Answer by Bmat at 8:30 AM on Jul. 13, 2010

  • I like to think that I'm very independent. I've always been around people who think and feel differently than I do about things. I've never felt the need to be like everyone else or try to make everyone else like me by being someone I'm not. In fact I've always been quite the loner. I never needed a lot of friends and didn't care. I still don't care as an adult. I feel that I am who I am and you can take it or leave it. I've never been the type to care about what others think or feel about me. I've always followed my own heart and just kind of danced to the beat of my own drum. I must agree though that peer pressure does exist still in adulthood. I see it all the time.

    Answer by poptart0325 at 9:59 AM on Jul. 13, 2010

  • I don't know if this really counts by my play group is made of all types of people. A lot of them have tons of money and their kids are in tons of activities. And so I want to put in my son in all of them even though I can't afford them. But it's not so much that I'm worried about what they think, I just don't want my son to be behind.

    Answer by fairyinabubble at 10:15 AM on Jul. 13, 2010

  • All people are subject to the pressures of social norms, whether they believe they are or not, However, people are subject to varying degrees.

    Answer by aliceinalgonac at 10:18 AM on Jul. 13, 2010