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what do you think about circumcision?

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Asked by jesseboo79 at 7:46 PM on Jun. 28, 2008 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • i've looked up pro's and con's and there are good points for both. we are debating this subject also. just try doing as much research as possible on the net and make the best decision that fits your family needs.

    Answer by Ambreelulu at 7:55 PM on Jun. 28, 2008

  • I am all for it!!!

    Answer by CharlotteluvsJ at 8:51 PM on Jun. 28, 2008

  • I had it done with my son thinking it was ok, till they brought him back and he was in so much pain it killed me.
    and his little thing was all red, they dont just take the tip off like i thought it looked like they skinned the whole thing, it did get better after about a week of putting vasiline gause all over it but i felt so bad for him i dont think i could do it again if i had another son.
    (I had a tear down there and it killed me to pee, i can only imagine how painful it was for him, no wonder he screamed all the time)

    Answer by georgesmommy31 at 10:17 PM on Jun. 28, 2008

  • my baby boy is crooked.. :(

    Answer by katatrinakay at 11:50 PM on Jun. 28, 2008

  • we did it. it was fine for us. but my neighbor didn't and her son was 13 and for some weird medical reason had to have it done. his words to me were "when you have a son, get it done. if he's 13 and has to go through the embarassment of everyone knowing and they will if he goes to school, he'll never forgive you." okay, the kid was 13 but i took his advice. just ask around adn be sure you get a good doctor.

    Answer by princezzmommie at 11:50 PM on Jun. 28, 2008

  • It appears to be the "social norm" for it to be done, and I would hate for my boys to have a rough time when they got older because of a choice I made.  I have done it to both of my boys, and do not regret it at all. Just keep PLENTY of Vaseline covering the little thing and it heals up perfect within a week.(I mean A LOT lol enough where the pee may even ricochet off of it and out his diaper, there is nothing worse then pulling a diaper off and having it stuck to it!!)  My little guys never did scream after it was done. I just could not imagine the daunting task of pulling back the foreskin at every diaper change to clean it!!

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:43 AM on Jun. 29, 2008

  • I think it's not my body, and not my choice to make. The foreskin has a function, and removing a functioning part of a child's body without his consent is something I cannot justify.

    No medical organization in the world recommends it.

    I have had absolutely no problems with my intact son. No wound to care for, no adhesions to worry about, no worries about whether or not they took too much skin off or not enough.

    There's lots of info on my profile page if you are interested to know more:)

    Answer by MommytoNakoa at 1:54 AM on Jun. 29, 2008

  • i think getting it done so the child doesnt get made fun of in school is pointless..if we all remember in school kids will always find something to tease you about..too short, too tall, too ugly, too pretty...etc, etc...I had my first in March and left him alone and intact and perfect the way he was born!

    Answer by janina918 at 2:02 AM on Jun. 29, 2008

  • My husband and I made the decision to not have our son circumsised. I feel that it is not my decision to make. It is my son's body and if he decides to get it done later on in life, then so be it.

    Answer by Megn304 at 2:24 AM on Jun. 29, 2008

  • if they didn't need it, they wouldn't be born with it. i think the only justifiable reason is your religious practice and even then I personally just don't understand it.
    so ... do people who agree w/ circs for boys also agree w/ circs for girls? b/c its the same thing. it is cutting off a part of a person's sexual organ that he/she is born with, and doing so without their consent.

    Answer by helnalamode at 2:26 AM on Jun. 29, 2008

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