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Stay at home or working mommy?!

my son's babysitter was sick so I was home w/ him for 2 days and after that I wanted to stay home w/ him forever. then to make it worse, he reached for me for the 1st time as Im leaving. I have been racking my brain as to which is better, me staying home or working and Im going nuts!! I really want to stay home but then there are certain times when I would rather be at work cause I feel like Im going crazy. We can't afford for me to not work at all and I could do part-time but my fiance said if staying home is what I want he would work 2 jobs, but I don't want him to never see our son! There seems to be many pros and cons that i'm confused. we are getting married in 2010 and want to buy a house in a few years and I was told that we won't get one if I'm not working. Please someone help!!!

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Asked by ctsassy at 12:36 PM on Oct. 1, 2008 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • Try part-time. These are the most precious times of your child's life. You don't wanna look around and wonder where did they go and then realize you don't even remember half of it cuz you weren't there.

    Answer by vr3star at 12:41 PM on Oct. 1, 2008

  • I work part time, and it works well for us. I'm like you, I hate leaving him, but I'm just not cut out to be a SAHM.

    Answer by SamanthaAgain at 12:41 PM on Oct. 1, 2008

  • I guess I feel lucky alot of the time cause I get to stay home with my son instead of work, but my husband drives long haul truck and he's gone alot. It feels like a no win situation sometimes, cause my husband misses so much with our 10 month old son. It's just something you have to deal with the best you can, you have to keep the future in mind. We all want to spend as much time as we can with our kids but we still need to provide for them, so all you can do is make the most of the time you do spend with them. As long as your children know you love them and your doing the best you can for them, thats all that matters. Times are tough right now and making ends meet is getting harder and harder. We to are getting to a point were I might have to work for us to get by, it's never easy but thats just the way life goes sometimes.

    Answer by musiclovingmomm at 12:50 PM on Oct. 1, 2008

  • I stay home with my kids and somedays I think it is the hardest job in the world. I remember when I used to work and how it felt good to just be a person. But I also know that being a mom is the most important job ever. And I remember when I was small what it felt like to get home from school to an empty house or what it felt like when I wored how I didn't have enough energy to really be there for my kids because I had given so much of myself to my work. I am grateful to be here with my kids everyday. It was a very conscious decision we made and I don't regret it. I know that sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest differences. It's different for everyone. You might feel happier working part-time. Listen to your heart because it's trying to tell you something. By the way, we bought a home and I wasn't working when we did. Good Luck!

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:57 PM on Oct. 1, 2008

  • Have you concidered working from home?? There are lots of things out there you can do right from home...a lot of Sales stuff...even medical billing...I stay home with my daughter and some days i wish i worked...i can tell when those days are because a bill collector or telemarketer calls and i start having a conversation with them...its difficult when the only conversations you have all day are with a 3 month old and a dog...But staying home with my daughter is what makes me the happiest in the end....and you just always gotta do what makes you happiest...Hope everything works out for you :0) Good Luck!

    Answer by JayceeLynn at 1:17 PM on Oct. 1, 2008

  • We also needed some extra money and so I decided to get a part time job. I put my daughter in a program in our area called "Mother's Day Out". It is only on Monday and Wednesday and from 8-2. Most Mother's Day Outs are monday, wednesday and friday. The local churches are usually the ones that do it. I only pay 115 a month for those two days a week. So it's really inexpensive and a good way for your child to become social too! My little girl is 8 months old and she absolutly loves it! There are only 7 kids to 2 teachers so there's not that many kids in there either. I love it and she loves it! Hope this helps!

    Answer by Kenzies_momma at 2:01 PM on Oct. 1, 2008

  • Have you thought about doing child care? You can do it in your home or in someone elses and bring the baby. Maybe that way you are with your baby AND getting out!

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:14 PM on Oct. 1, 2008

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