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Strip Clubs?!?!

How many of you think its ok for your man to go to a strip club? Why or why not? How many of you would go with your man?


Asked by Anonymous at 11:42 PM on Oct. 1, 2008 in Just for Fun

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Answers (23)
  • Nooooooo. I'm just too insecure to let him go to one. I think they're gross, I don't want to go to one either. He actually went to one with his brother and some co-workers before we met. He said there were a bunch of ugly old women there, nothing like what you see in the movies or on tv. So maybe it's not all it's cracked up to be. But I just don't like the thought of him seeing another woman naked in person. *shudder*

    Answer by caitxrawks at 11:44 PM on Oct. 1, 2008

  • I think it inappropriate. If he needs a little more than what I am giving him, he needs to let me know. For those of you who saw "Knocked Up".... ' this is how you get pink eye!!'...

    Answer by BabyBugsmama at 11:43 PM on Oct. 1, 2008

  • well nope I don't think it's a good idea I used to work at a strip club and it's a tottally different life in there if you only knew what goes on in there.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:44 PM on Oct. 1, 2008

  • He can look and touch, but that is it.

    I would definitely go, but then again, I have been working at strip clubs all around the country for the past three years and a half years. Yes, I am a stripper. haha

    Answer by charisma10 at 11:45 PM on Oct. 1, 2008

  • When my husband and I were still dating, we went to the local strip club twice. Once as part of a date (my idea), and once with a friend's birthday party. Men are much more visual creatures than we are, and I relate it to our girls night out gossip. I don't see a problem with it if its once in a while. Going once every few months with his buddies is fine by me. If someone starts going once a month, or once a week.... then I'm sure than just entertainment.

    Cait, you're right. They aren't anything special, certainly not like TV or movies. Most of the girls had stretch marks, C-section scars, or both.

    Answer by MamaLion82007 at 11:48 PM on Oct. 1, 2008

  • If my husband ever wanted to go I would LOVE to go with him...however, my husband thinks strip clubs are immoral. I used to go to strip clubs with girlfriends (yes...FEMALE strippers at strip clubs with women) and I asked my husband if he wanted to go one weekend but he seemed really disgusted by it.


    Answer by AvasMommy810 at 11:52 PM on Oct. 1, 2008

  • Nope. He can't go. I won't go with him. He's married, I'm the only naked woman he needs to see.

    Answer by toriandgrace at 11:54 PM on Oct. 1, 2008

  • I went with my boyfriend when I was 19. It was pretty fun. The girls put on a better show in front of hot chicks ;)

    Answer by prettyrayray at 11:55 PM on Oct. 1, 2008

  • I went once with DH when we were just dating--my idea. Quite frankly, I'm too insecure to handle it. If I were happier with myself, I'd thoroughly enjoy going with him.

    Answer by sgalsmommy at 11:58 PM on Oct. 1, 2008

  • Since my husband doesn't really have an interest in going to one... I am of the mind set that it is OK for him to go. From my own personal experience, it is pretty fun to go to these places- I have been to male and female- if you have had several drinks! However, the last time I went to a male strip club, I felt kinda gorss when I left! Not because of the strippers, but because of some of the crazy patrons! My husband would probably feel the same way.

    Answer by edzgal at 12:05 AM on Oct. 2, 2008