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Are you smarter than he is?? Does he know it and bow to your greatness or resent you for it?


Asked by Blabbermouth at 3:18 AM on Jul. 28, 2010 in Relationships

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Answers (14)
  • I think I am probably smarter... he says I am all the time. I don't really know though. We could both take IQ tests but... why? I think he probably has more intelligence potential than he ever fulfilled, he slept through high school. I admit some conversations I'd like to have seem to fly over his head. He doesn't seem resentful... but neither does he bow to my "greatness" lol. I think we're both okay with it. I couldn't have married some of my past boyfriends though... the intelligence gap was just too much. But neither could I have married my best friend (or rather someone like him, he is gay), who was at or above my intelligence level and also like me in interests, personality, etc. We clashed and fought all the time. My husband and I mesh, sometimes its not about being on the same level.

    Answer by Bellarose0212 at 3:49 AM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • We're both smarter in different ways, so I think we really compliment each other well. I also think I'm more intuitive, but he's more able to control his emotions, so together we're a good team.

    Answer by ohwrite at 3:47 AM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • I have to admit Hubby is deff. smarter then me book wise.. but I have more common sense! lol

    Answer by NicholeWalls at 3:20 AM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • I'm book smart and he's street smart.

    Answer by LavenderRose10 at 3:25 AM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • I think we have our own intelligences, like PP's have said. I think all around I just think before I do things so I seem smarter, maybe I am, IDK, but I bet if he took some time to think, even a split second, before he made decisions he'd feel smarter as well.

    Answer by DomoniqueWS at 3:32 AM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • He very smart in many areas, he is wiser then I ever will be...but he is 10 yrs older...However there are areas where I am smarter so we balance each other out quite well.

    Answer by wheresthewayout at 3:47 AM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • I am book smart. I'm the college educated one. My husband is smart in many other area's. He can build a house from the ground up without directions. He's a truck driver. I cant even back my little Kia sportage into the driveway!

    Answer by momsbreak5654 at 5:38 AM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • We are intellectual equals however he is more knowledgeable in some subjects and I am more knowledgeable in others.


    Answer by beeky at 6:39 AM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • I'm street smart, he's book smart.

    Answer by Saya at 6:57 AM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • I think we're pretty equal. He knows tons of stuff i might not, but i know tons of stuff he might not. We read about different things & nerd out on different things, but we both like to nerd out. He is 12 years older, so he acts like he is smarter & knows more but i joke with him & tell him that he is really retarded & i just let him think he is so smart & he says "well, good thing i married another retard then", we're totally being sarcastic with each other. Yeah...we're pretty equal. Maybe that's another reason why we work so well together. We're on a similar wavelength. BUT, he totally tries to pul the "i'm older & wiser than thou" crap but i remind him that he was stoned & drunk 60% of the time he was traveling the world, so it doesn't really


    Answer by samurai_chica at 7:26 AM on Jul. 28, 2010