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Is it too late to try cry it out?

My daughter just turned 1. So far, I have just gotten up with her as needed in the night. Often times every 2 hours. Some times she takes a bottle, sometimes she just wants to be held. By about 5 or 6 most mornings I put her in bed with me. My 4 yr old slept so well, other than when there was something wrong (teething, tummy ache...). DH and I have always felt that to be held is as much of a need as any other. Every night is different. Sometimes it works to, help her find her pacifier, pat her a bit, w/out even getting her up. Other times she screams if I don't hold her. I put cereal in her bottle before she goes to bed, and sometimes the one in the night. She still has no teeth and has trouble with milk, so we're working on eating better in the day. I am realizing that this baby is very precocious. She is already throwing fits when she doesn't get her way. Maybe it's time to try the method I have so far avoided?

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Asked by Jennibug at 12:14 PM on Jul. 28, 2010 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • I think you are right.Hey you aren't getting to sleep now anway.My last one didn't sleep all night till he was one and a half.

    Answer by evelynwest at 12:17 PM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • wow.You sure have your hands full! She's got you wrapped right around her finger! I'd say definitely try the CIO. Take the upper hand back. The cereal in the bottle is up for debate. Babies do not need cereal at all,some get tummy aches from it because it causes gas and constipation. In my opinion,it does nothing to help them sleep thru the night,which you've seen yourself.

    Answer by butterflyblue19 at 12:19 PM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • In my opinion (which you don't have to agree with) you have spoiled her a bit. I am personally not a fan of crying it out, but you should find some other method of dealing with it, because at one she really shouldn't be waking up every two hours in the middle of the night, and throwing fits for not getting her way.. that isn't going to stop if you continue to give in to her every want..

    Good luck!

    Answer by FatGirl239 at 12:19 PM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • Well first you are probally going to get bashed for the cereal in the bottle part (i see nothing wrong with it) but some women on here go crazy about that. Now for your question Seeing as how she is going to sleep fine just waking up for different reason I am not sure if crying it out will help. Although it would hurt to try. If you know she is crying just because and not for anything (like say to eat, be changed etc.) then when she wakes up give her 10-15 mins before you go in there.

    Answer by mrsbean08 at 12:22 PM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • sorry i meant it wouldn't hurt.I have a a few keys missing on here so it is a little hard to type right now

    Answer by mrsbean08 at 12:24 PM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • it is never too late to start something new. I beleive that children need to be rocked and held.. but I am a cry it out mommie. it usually takes about a week to 2 weeks for a new routine to kick in. good luck!

    Answer by midnight11287 at 12:26 PM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • it couldnt hurt to try...i started the cry it out method with my son at 6 months. it worked and i still do it when he tries to test his limits. the first week is brutal but if you can deal with it it might benefit you very well. and i dont believe you spoiled your child at did what works best for you no shame in that and now your trying to do something else...good luck!!!

    Answer by april262009 at 12:26 PM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • Often babies might just fuss for a few might be going in too quickly. CIO might be worth a try especially since it is every two hours sometimes. A family I do childcare for has three pacifiers in the crib so the baby (13 months) has several to pick from during the night. Just one idea. Make sure she knows all of them are there. GL

    Answer by elizabr at 2:22 PM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • It's definitely worth a try, but it sounds like you've been all over the map with your strategies so far. I highly suggest you get a book (Ferber or Weissbluth) that has a plan for you to follow. You and your hubby should agree on what you will do ahead of time and how long you'll try it before deciding if it's working or not. It sounds like you are trying to avoid crying at all costs. However, once a child can self-soothe and gets more restful sleep, you'll see less crying overall. It's a huge difference, believe me.

    Answer by barefootbooks at 2:46 PM on Jul. 28, 2010

  • I would get the book Solve your child's sleep problems by ferber... it's a wonderful book! It talks mostly about changing the things YOU are doing to make your child not a good sleeper and creating a better bedtime routine... and then has a method to cio. We used the book for my son at 11 months because he was getting up 6 times/night!!
    He was sleeping on his own and staying asleep in 3 weeks. BUT in just 3 days there was a drastic improvement of waking only 1 time/night and he hardly cried! He cried a TOTAL of 8 minutes in 3 days (5 the first, 2 the next and 1 the third night)
    He's been a wonderful sleeper since.

    Answer by AmiJanell at 5:54 PM on Jul. 28, 2010

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