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I have a problem. I have been starting diet after diet but i have a weakness of food and i cant do a diet. I just stop doing it when i start it after a few days. HELP!!!!!!!! I dont want to get to big.....


Asked by Anonymous at 11:26 PM on Oct. 3, 2008 in Diet & Fitness

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Answers (8)
  • It sounds busy but this routine (not diet!) is the only thing that has helped me dropped pounds that I've been gaining the past 3 years....small breakfast and grazing. _Your body burns calories...imagine you have a campfire that has dwindled to just burning embers; you can't put a log (big meal) on it and expect it to burn to an just feed it small twigs til it becomes a good size blaze and then you can put the log on it. _That being said...breakfast is important (I never ate breakfast) but not a big meal. Just a small bowl of cereal or a hard boiled egg. Then wait an hour and have a yogurt or a plain bagel. Wait another hour or so and have a banana, apple... continued..


    Answer by Kajon at 1:33 AM on Oct. 4, 2008

  • i have that problem,i eat because "i love food!" now it's getting colder-so it's bakeing season! i just started walking, i figure i'm ahead of the game if i i've found if i walk,i'm not in the mood to eat as much.

    Answer by pam228 at 11:35 PM on Oct. 3, 2008

  • I started Weight Watchers a couple of weeks ago and I'm doing the "points" program where you can eat any kind of food - you just have to count your points and so far, I'm loving it. I'm trying to eat healthy, but if I just have to have a chocolate bar, I just deduct it from that day's points and eat less the rest of the day. The first week I lost 6.6 lbs. Yea!

    Answer by avonmimi at 11:50 PM on Oct. 3, 2008

  • You have to be strong. Train your brain to say you are watching what you eat, never say "I am on a diet' you will fail when doing this. Live by the golden rule "If god didn't make it, don't eat it" Stay away from processed foods and diet products, especially diet products, they have more chemicals in them, and many of those chemicals actually bloat fat cells. keep fresh fruits available at all times. When you crave something sweet eat the fruit, the natural sugars will help the cravings. It will take your body 2 weeks to detox from processed foods, after that you will start to notice a huge difference. I have been spending a lot of time studying nutrition, you can visit my page and read some of my journal posts for more information. I am available for questions as well, I enjoy sharing what I have learned. - Good Luck, I hope to hear from you!


    Answer by AndreaRUJuiced at 1:14 AM on Oct. 4, 2008

  • ,,,Continued_In a nutshell I try to have 100 calories 2 or 3 times before lunch. Then I'm not raving hungry by lunch and I'm okay with 300-400 calorie lunch...still eat a healthy snack a couple of times in the afternoon before dinner. _Drink more water ( I never drank anything unless I felt husband called me the camel). It helped to fill me up during the 100 calorie grazings. _I stopped eating late dinners (8 pm on)...just had some popcorn if I needed to nibble on something. _I keep a "food diary"'s just a 3x5 memo pad. I write down calories and fat grams. My personal goal is 2000 cal/day or less and 40g fat/day or less. Similar to avonmimi on WW diet...I can eat whatever I want, but keeping within my daily totals.

    Answer by Kajon at 1:35 AM on Oct. 4, 2008

  • ...Continued_Since April I've lost and kept off 14 pounds...and back into a smaller size. During that time, I would go up a pound or two but then it went down. I had also hit 2 plateaus where my weight didn't budge for a couple of weeks but then it started to drop again. _My body is conditioned now to this so I don't get hunger that my eating habits are on auto-pilot, I started some exercizing...walking, climbing stairs ( l live in 15 story building fortunately!) and I am really starting to feel better. _Good luck! This is the only method that worked for me...Maybe it will click for you!

    Answer by Kajon at 1:36 AM on Oct. 4, 2008

  • I just now saw AndreaRUJuiced answer while I was writing my "novel" ;-) and I agree with her about the processed foods...and it does get easier after a while. But of course, I'll still have a kiddie soft serve with my 3 year old once or twice a week. It really is everything in moderation. I have a bag of dried fruit and nut mix that I have for snack. When I saw that a serving size was 1/4 cup I thought "you've gotta be kidding me!..that's just a small handful!" But I put the handful in a bowl and put the bag away. After a couple of weeks it is enough. When I finally saw (and felt) the weight coming off it was really motivating.

    Answer by Kajon at 1:48 AM on Oct. 4, 2008

  • read my journal post "The Dreaded Diet Cycle". This can help explain a little for you. Good luck

    Answer by angeleyes31376 at 7:04 AM on Oct. 4, 2008