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child predators / molesters

There are many stories we read about alleged child predators / molesters who move into neighborhoods with children and the like. Then, the parents find out about it, get quite upset, and either attack the alleged predator or make sure that the predator is forced out of the neighborhood. Then, we have these places next to bridges that are places for predators to collect and reside in for the rest of their lives. the predator has obviously done his / her time for the crime.

do parents/citizens have a right to harrass or attack them ????? what would you do if one moved into your neighborhood ?

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Asked by BoundHearts at 9:44 AM on Aug. 3, 2010 in Parenting Debate

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  • I wouldn't personally do anything to them but I wouldn't let my child out of my sight. But I wouldn't stop the efforts of anyone trying to force them out.

    Answer by fairyinabubble at 9:47 AM on Aug. 3, 2010

  • IMO, those people should have been put to death for their crimes and then we parents wouldn't HAVE to worry or protest to get them away from our neighborhoods and children.


    Answer by IhartU at 9:47 AM on Aug. 3, 2010

  • Not defending those predators, but some of them where 18 and had sex with a 16 year old and their parents didn't like it. Unless the parents know what the guy did for sure I don't see why they would attack him. There is a sexual predator actually very close to where I live (we are moving in 7 days). He raped a few girls. I don't let my son go outside alone (why would I anyway he's only 2) and I always make sure I keep a CLOSE eye on him in public.

    Answer by Misteh at 9:48 AM on Aug. 3, 2010

  • sorry to say but these people rarely if ever can change
    it is part of their makeup as a person
    so yes, i would freak out too
    would like it if child predators would never get out on the streets
    should be locked up forever
    and the honest ones that get interviewed admit that they can not change their thoughts and will most likely offend again and again

    Answer by fiatpax at 9:48 AM on Aug. 3, 2010

  • i had more than one move into my area,my mom MARRIED one! I know 1st hand how dangerous they still are even after "they've done their time' There is no cure for these men.Many go on to reoffend. They should either be jailed for life,or put to death. If you take away a child's innocence,its as bad as killing someone,and we execute murderers.

    Answer by butterflyblue19 at 9:49 AM on Aug. 3, 2010

  • It's a scary thing for a parent. I don't believe that that sort of thing could ever be released from your system. Meaning if you are a molester, then that's what you are. If you have the ability to prey upon innocent childrem then you can do it again. I don't know if I feel parents have the right to attack/harrass though, I guess it depends on the situation.

    Answer by Rachel24517 at 9:50 AM on Aug. 3, 2010

  • I have one that lives a street over from me and he lives 3 houses away from the daycare. Everytime I see him, I stare him down hard core and rev up my car just to remind him if I ever catch him alone I will run him over! He raped a 2 and 3 year old girl. I have no remorse for him, the more he's harrassed the better. sorry, JMO.

    Answer by BrandyBaby22 at 9:50 AM on Aug. 3, 2010

  • but some of them where 18 and had sex with a 16 year old and their parents didn't like it
    these cases should never be called child predators
    should be a separate issue all together, i feel for these people who are barely legal and get caught having sex with another who is barely not legal

    this is a different issue all together and should not be in same catagory as child predators

    Answer by fiatpax at 9:51 AM on Aug. 3, 2010

  • No abosolutely not.. We don't have a right to attach them we need to protect our kids but causing chaios makes it worst.

    Some people are considered child molesters-like a 19 year old dating a 16 year old. Now we all know that a man dating a woman younger then him as an adult is NOT considered molestation. Not that I would condone my daughter dating an adult but we have to look at the whole picture, NOT Judge anyone. We were not there and should not take the law into our own hands.

    If one moved into my neighborhood, I would just let me kids beaware of the situation-not saying the whole story but explain that I don't want them around there house or anything like that. I would not bash, nor bother them... I was not there so who am I too judge.

    It is scarey but it is the world today, we can't run and hide, but we must teach our kids to protect themselves at a younger age. This is 2010 Sad to say..

    Answer by KFree907 at 9:51 AM on Aug. 3, 2010

  • 2 points to make in this debate.
    Sexting-kids sending naked picts to others of similar age is a sex crime, there's no difference in the way the laws require them to report than child predators.
    Most child molestors don't have a record, you should be more concerned about the ones who haven't been caught then those that have.

    Answer by Nyx7 at 9:56 AM on Aug. 3, 2010

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