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10 mo old questions ?

how much formula does he need ?
and how often ?
how much night time sleep does he need ?
how many naps a day ?
how long should they be ?

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Asked by troysmom123 at 9:35 PM on Aug. 3, 2010 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • Babies are really good at getting what they need. It always worked best for me to follow their lead. I feed them when they are hungry, stopping when they are full, and they sleep when they are tired.

    My babies naps tend to vary a bit, but at that age it was usually 2 naps they needed.

    Answer by maggiemom2000 at 9:38 PM on Aug. 3, 2010

  • well every baby is different so it varies. i can tell you what both my kids did, but someone else could have had a whole different schedule. at 10 months, both were getting 8oz every 4hrs during the day, they were sleeping through the night, 8pm-8am. by 10 months they had changed their 2 naps a day to 1 long 4hr nap. as for how i don't remember that is something you should ask your doctor if you're concerned about their growth...

    Answer by armywife43 at 9:41 PM on Aug. 3, 2010

  • My son was taking I think 3 bottles a day, 8-10 oz each.

    At that age, they need about 14-15 hours of sleep a day. If your baby sleeps 12 hours at night, then one 2-hr nap should be fine. If he sleeps 8 hours at night, then two 3-hr naps might be better suited to his needs.

    Like PP said, follow baby's cues. If he's hungry (really hungry, not just fussy and wanting to be held or to sleep), then feed him. If he's tired, let him sleep.

    Answer by DragonRiderMD at 9:42 PM on Aug. 3, 2010

  • Well my DD is 10 months & I'll answer your questions according to her but it could be different from your DS.

    She has 32 oz. a day which I space out in four 8oz bottles. She eats every 3.5-4 hours.
    She sleeps 10-12 hours a night.
    She takes 1-2 naps. Sometimes she takes a good 4 hour nap & is fine until bedtime, sometimes she takes 2 shorter naps. I go with whatever she is feeling that day.

    Her normal may not be his normal so like PPers have said, follow his cues & you should be fine=]

    Answer by Marix3 at 9:52 PM on Aug. 3, 2010

  • I don't know about the ounces because I breastfed. But at 10 months, my kids were breastfeeding every 3 hours and up to about 3 months they fed every 1.5 to 2 hours. So, my babies still relied on breastmilk a lot at that age. They ate 3 finger food meals a day and 2 times a day they got a snack of sliced fruit. I also offered a sippy of water throughout the day.

    Night time sleep, the experts say about 12 to 13 hours. Most babies I know get around 10 to 11 hours at that age. As for naps, a 10 month old either needs 2 naps that last 1 to 1.5 hours or one nap that lasts 2 to 3 hours. Babies can outgrow that second nap any where around 9 months to 15 months. Each baby is different. At 10 months my first baby still took 2 naps (she did until around her 1st birthday) where as my son only took 1 nap a day starting around 9 months.

    My pediatrician recommends Dr. Jay Gordon's website and Dr. Greene's website for parenting info.

    Answer by ThrivingMom at 10:49 PM on Aug. 3, 2010

  • My 10 month old is breastfed but she is getting about 5 feedings per day at this point. She eats about every 3-4 hours. She has table foods at breakfast, lunch & dinner.

    Doctors will tell you that a baby should be getting 12-14 hours of sleep per day. My daugher sleeps about 9-10 hours a night and naps 1-2 hours during the day depending on the day. She usually takes a morning nap for an hour and an afternoon nap for an hour.

    Answer by jacksmom3707 at 10:13 AM on Aug. 4, 2010

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