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Why are we like this FEMALES??????

Im curious to know why as females we cant get along for anything in the world. I mean do we have to belittle and insult each other so much. I though that this was a website for real women to meet, greet and socialize. I see so many woman with Anonymous Questions and Answers and thats all fine and dandy but what are you hiding from we should be able to talk about whatever is on our minds without being ashamed. What is our problem?????? The relationship of females.......

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Asked by Mrs_Kay at 12:24 AM on Oct. 5, 2008 in Relationships

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  • Well, where to start? I think the female rivalry goes back a long ways... It probably had something to do with women starting out in the work force, way back when.... I know that my husband is from another country and the women there are always together.. socializing, supporting each other.. there is not as much jealous rivalry.. But then again, the men don't cheat... Or most don't....

    Answer by pupmom at 12:27 AM on Oct. 5, 2008

  • THANK YYYYYOOOUUU!!!!!! im ok with gossiping but give it up after about 5 min. start treating each other like respectful mothers.

    Answer by vadasmom at 12:28 AM on Oct. 5, 2008

  • I wonder that too. We should be helping and supporting!!!

    Answer by LovinEveryDay at 12:29 AM on Oct. 5, 2008

  • I guess I put anonymous questions down because I've already seeing how it is here. A lot of women jump to conclusions or don't even seem to think before they type out a rude answer. I don't get along with women for the most part.

    Answer by anestheticsex at 12:30 AM on Oct. 5, 2008

  • lol. sometimes i post an annonymous answer because i really want to say what i want to say but i get scared that people will think im stupid i guess, LOL. :D

    Answer by SummersMamma at 12:30 AM on Oct. 5, 2008

  • I only write it anonymous if my husband is next to me and I dont want him to know its me if he sees it later. Hehe.

    Answer by JoonBug21 at 12:35 AM on Oct. 5, 2008

  • I posted something earlier suggesting that I should be able to go out for a cocktail with my friends once in a whie and someone suggested that i give my baby up for adoption because my child should 'obviously be with someone who is ready and willing to be a parent'.
    The answer was annonymous and I was so hurt. I wish that I knew what fellow mother was so quick to judge so I could congratulate her on being perfect... or so i could just defend myself. Since this experience i have started to post everything with my name so we can continue to create a sense of community and friendship, rather than one of hurtful presumptions and non-help.

    Answer by bloomsr at 12:36 AM on Oct. 5, 2008

  • I am hiding from the people that are rude and dont agree with offense but a lot of people on here aren't nice. I dont want hate mails or anything.

    Answer by raybell at 12:36 AM on Oct. 5, 2008

    that comment made me so mad! I wish I knew who posted it too! No one has the right to tell another mother to give their child up for adoption! Ugh I am so upset about that!

    Answer by SummersMamma at 12:39 AM on Oct. 5, 2008

  • Well, sometimes people want to ask a question, but are a little embarrased to do so... It's okay..But not okay if you are posting a rude comment (if that happens, just press REPORT THIS ANSWER underneath... Cafemom is excellent about removing unwanted junk! Also, on the other hand, like I said before, just take what you need and throw the rest away... If it's a good answer, read it, if not don't!

    Just yesterday I was in a store and two women were making snide remarks to each other.. Okay, I know I am in SE Missouri and all, but they actually asked each other to step outside to finish the fight.... WHAT? This is women..... (I have to say I was raised in the North and as a lady) I would never ask someone to fight.....WT heck.... Moms please raise your children better than this!

    Answer by pupmom at 12:39 AM on Oct. 5, 2008

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