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how do i put myself into labor

my doctor scheduled for an inducement for the 16th but told me to do anything to put my self in to labor and im not sure how

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Asked by mommys_boys2010 at 4:11 PM on Aug. 5, 2010 in Pregnancy

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  • Nipple stimulation, clitoral stimulation, SPERM! Yes, have sex!

    Put evening primrose oil directly on the cervix. NOT on the belly. It wont do anything there! Evening primrose oil is an excellent source of prostaglandins, which we already determined readies your cervix for labor. It can be taken orally as soon as 34 weeks, and can be applied directly to the cervix at full term (36 weeks). The general recommendation is two 500mg capsules per day until week 38, at which time you increase to 3-4 per day. The entire capsule can be inserted vaginally (inserted just before bed, it will dissolve before the first time you wake to use the bathroom), or you can use the oil on your fingers for your perineal massage, then also rub on your cervix (assuming you can reach it).


    Answer by Glamourina at 4:18 PM on Aug. 5, 2010

  • Red raspberry leaf tea is a uterine tonic used by Native Americans for thousands of years. It tones your uterus by helping to "focus" your Braxton Hicks contractions. Think of its job as helping your uterus do more effective exercising while you are pregnant. It does not "cause" contractions and can be safely used throughout pregnancy. It is contraindicated for those having complications "just in case", however, by most doctors who do not understand its use. Many women safely use it from the moment they learn they are pregnant at six weeks until months after delivery. (It helps to tone the uterus after delivery as well, shrinking it back to size more quickly and reducing bleeding.)

    Remember, always check with your doctor first!

    Answer by Glamourina at 4:18 PM on Aug. 5, 2010

  • And walking! Walk LOTS. Lots of stairs. Don't strain yourself, just go as long as you are comfortable.

    Answer by Glamourina at 4:20 PM on Aug. 5, 2010

  • SEX

    Answer by megan1089 at 4:20 PM on Aug. 5, 2010

  • I've heard of a ton of old wives tales but I've never seen any that work. Babies come when they are ready.

    Answer by QuillingDiva at 4:36 PM on Aug. 5, 2010

  • i always find it odd when a dr schedules an induction for several days out. aren't inductions supposed to be for medical emergencies? does he anticipate some problem, or is there some problem with your pregnancy that means the baby needs to come out? just fyi you are always free to decline being induced and just wait until the baby is ready. of course, if there is some serious problem, i wouldn't decline. just confused. GL. i don't think there is actually anything you can do to go into labor, it's the baby that decides.

    Answer by Stefanie83 at 4:59 PM on Aug. 5, 2010

  • You should ask your dr. if they cn stip your membranes for you it may help...

    Answer by babycakeschris at 6:02 PM on Aug. 5, 2010

  • Take some Castro oil I did that with both of my pregnancys and I went into labor

    Answer by ms.keisha17 at 7:09 PM on Aug. 5, 2010

  • This is from a midwife:
    If you take castor oil, expect to develop severe diarrhea and cramps when it kicks in. Uterine contractions often follow, and occasionally develop into labor. Hopefully the last of the castor oil will be expelled before the time comes to push out the baby, and the diarrhea won't have made you too sore for comfortable pushing. Bedtime is a common time when people take this, but then you might end up in the bathroom all night, and be tired if labor starts in the daytime. One person I know suggests setting your alarm for 4 in the morning, taking the dose, and then going back to sleep until the cramps start. Personally, I would have to be pretty desperate to take castor oil. If one of my pregnant ladies really wants to take it, and she is more than 39 weeks pregnant, I will give her the recipe. I have not seen it be very successful. Most of those for whom it works are already 2 - 3 cm dilated and have be

    Answer by Glamourina at 7:29 PM on Aug. 5, 2010

  • I'd personally skip the castor oil, and that is why I didn't mention it.

    Answer by Glamourina at 7:30 PM on Aug. 5, 2010

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