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Is it really true when people say that age 3 is worse then age 2 in kids?

My son just turned 3 a few days ago, and really I haven't seen a lot of change in him from his terrible twos. I mean he has his days but doesn't all kids? I haven't seen really anything Major though maybe him screaming at me and his dad, he thinks if he screams then he gets his way...little does he know that isn't the way it works :) so if anyone could help me out a little bit...thanks

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Asked by Jessika0720 at 9:44 AM on Aug. 7, 2010 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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  • i think it depends on the child itself

    Answer by britme1027 at 9:44 AM on Aug. 7, 2010

  • all ages have their own challenges... i tend to ignore it when my almost 3 year old starts with that... but she is VERY affectionate and cuddly, so when something is withheld, it breaks her little heart. my almost 5 year old is very different. she gets the most out of being put in a different room altogether. they both have totally different personalities, so the punishment is totally different. my almost 5 year old is in the stage of wanting to be independent, but still wanting to be the baby... i can't wait until they're teens *cough*

    Answer by gracefulsky at 9:51 AM on Aug. 7, 2010

  • For us I loved age 3 but my daughter didn't have terrible 2's it hit at age 4-5 when she truly started exerting her personality!!! Both of my kids are extremely busy and strong willed...Take it in stride and see how your little person starts to unfold - it only gets better as they grow!

    Answer by VTmom76 at 9:51 AM on Aug. 7, 2010

  • Every child is different, I don't think the age really matters. Kids go through different things at different times. Some kids go through a period where they have tantrums, others never do. Some are a handful when they're small, others are tougher as teens. They can be challenging in different ways all the way along. My boys are ages 18, 21 & 27, and all have been totally different. My oldest never gave us any trouble as a toddler or pre-schooler, but as a high schooler he was kind of challenging, and when he hit 18 somewhat challenging. My middle one was a handful from birth to about age 7, and really didn't give us much to worry about after that, and my youngest has been the most moderate, minor challenges all along the way, but nothing to make you want to tear your hair out. Relax, don't expect any problems, but be prepared if they happen. It's all just a normal part of childhood, and every child is different.

    Answer by ohwrite at 9:53 AM on Aug. 7, 2010

  • Temper tantrums were the order of the day at 21/2 to 31/2 with both of my darlings.

    Answer by chocaholic888 at 9:55 AM on Aug. 7, 2010

  • My children were always sweet and "innocent" at age 2, then out came the defiance at 3. I agree that it all depends on the individual child. Out of my 5 children, I had no terrible 2's. It started with 3.

    Answer by Desi_Momof4 at 10:00 AM on Aug. 7, 2010

  • My kids never had the "terrible twos." Actually, at 2 they were all the sweetest, most wonderful children. But at some point during their three's they ALL started acting up... what I like to call the "tumultuous threes." My youngest is turning 4 next month and this has been a tough year with her (also my first time going through 3's with a girl, LOL). But with my older 2, shortly after turning 4 they became sweet and wonderful again. I can't wait! LOL

    Answer by momof3inTN at 10:06 AM on Aug. 7, 2010

  • All children are different. We have 4 children ages 25, 19, 4 & 3. We never went through any "terrible 2's, 3's, teens" or anything else. I don't believe in 'terrible 2's to begin with, maybe that's the difference, I don't know. We have always just set a standard of behavior that we expect our children to abide by, no questions asked, & that's how it has been from the very beginning.

    Answer by ghostwriter777 at 10:18 AM on Aug. 7, 2010

  • I agree it depends on the child. My son never hit any of those terrible stages. He wanted so bad to make people happy all the time. My daughter, is very strong willed and wants to do everything for herself and she hit the terribles at 3. She is still a good kid, she just has that strong will and we but heads more than I would like to.

    Answer by Peajewel at 11:07 AM on Aug. 7, 2010

  • At every age my daughter went through her moments.. But generally Ive thought of her as a an easy child.. she is very caring & a good conversation usually helps her understand...

    Answer by MommaTasha1003 at 12:04 PM on Aug. 7, 2010

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