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A ? ABOUT PLAN B... - sex related- adult content

I had unprotected sex with my husband last night. We had a baby 3 weeks ago so I am really worried right now. I know, I should not have had sex to begin with, and we should have used protection. DH was coming on to me strongly and we were in the heat of the moment. I feel incredibly guilty and a bit scared. I need to know how effective the plan B pill is, and if anyone experienced any bad side effects. Or if I even need to take it. I really don't want to get pregnant again for a while ( yes I know I should have thought about that....) I will not do it again. I just need help for this one time I did mess up. I need advice from people who might have taken this pill. Thank you for your help, and not judging =)

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:56 AM on Aug. 9, 2010 in Relationships

Answers (8)
  • As long as it's taken within 72 hours it is effective. Since you ovulate about 2 weeks before your period you should get it because you have no idea when you'll be getting your period.

    Good luck and don't let the "heat of the moment" get the better of you again :)

    Answer by colethky at 10:59 AM on Aug. 9, 2010

  • I took it once after being date raped. It made me puke my guts out the next day, A friend of mine took it once and reacted the same way. Just be prepared for some uncomfortable side effects. Everyone is different though. I would reccomend having someone watch your kids after you take it. Good luck.

    Answer by beastie_bchick at 11:00 AM on Aug. 9, 2010

  • arnt you supose to wait 6 weeks miissy?? : l
    i actually have never tried the pill but i know a friend took it and she got very nausious and felt horrible but after a couple days she was normal. but i think you should call your doctor and see if its ok to take it since you just had a baby or see what you can do. i know they say its very easy to get pregnant in the first 6 weeks after you have your baby. did he actually pull out or not? hopefully everything works out and you dont get pregnant best of lucks.

    Answer by Alejandra10 at 11:00 AM on Aug. 9, 2010

  • It's a heavy duty dose of BC pills, so it usually does make you feel ill. It only prevents a pregnancy from occuring if you are not already pregnant. It will not cause a miscarriage. You do need to take the 1st does with in 72 hours, but the sooner the better.

    Answer by michelle121003 at 11:03 AM on Aug. 9, 2010

  • If I were you, I would seriously stop what you are doing right now & get it OTC at your local pharmacy. As far as side effects was not bad, for me, actually no side effects. it's a quadruple dose of birth control pills, so anything you experience with BC you may go through with them, & possibly worse since it's such a concentrated dose. The key is taking them as soon after as possible. If you are nursing I don't know how it effects that so I'd call your Dr to get the ok. Hope it all works out!

    Answer by BubbaLuva at 12:44 PM on Aug. 9, 2010

  • You need to get on the ball with calling a doctor,

    Answer by MKSers at 12:49 PM on Aug. 9, 2010

  • I know 2 people who took it, And one was pregnant & lost the baby, and had to have an abortion done. Another was pregnant & also lost the baby. Becareful.

    Answer by faithhopeclan2 at 12:57 PM on Aug. 9, 2010

  • I took one a few months ago, got a little sick but fine after a good dinner. Some women have a weak stomach I guess.
    You should take it ASAP! We've all been in the heat of the moment but Plan B is your best option to ensure there's no surprises next month! If not, the world has another unexpected baby coming! Just wonderful!!

    Answer by NikkiVan1 at 2:17 PM on Aug. 9, 2010

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