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How are you any better?

I have noticed quite a bit of anti-Christian sentiment here lately. My question is-how is the anti-Christian Mob any better than those they dislike? When people post question after question belittling another group-aren't you just becoming like those you loathe? There are a few great questions on here trying to point out that we are all individuals but then there are the downright silly ones meant to belittle Christians. Those of us in the middle are starting to think you are looking a lot like those you feel are the most judgmental. Anyone else getting that feeling?


Asked by soyousay at 9:31 AM on Aug. 10, 2010 in Religious Debate

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Answers (17)
  • I don't see this as a bunch of kids hanging out on the playground having fun and being respectful of each other. All kids have moments when they behave a little less than like the perfect angels you were portraying. I realize that there are religious bullies but that's not what I was hearing about in this question. I was hearing that there are people who are feeling that they are being bullied and are using the same manner of defense by bullying as well. There are times when you defend yourself, or defend your faith/beliefs but not with the same level of unfairness in which you are speaking against. If so, you have just crossed the line into bully-hood and have joined their ranks.

    Answer by NikkiMomof2grls at 5:55 PM on Aug. 10, 2010

  • I don't see the majority of the questions as meant to be "anti-Christian" as a whole. But more pro-open minded. I think that many people use their religion to cover up their own reasons for bigotry, hate and just general disrespect... THAT is what the posts are generally against, not Christianity in general. Personally I have a great respect of Christianity, however I also feel that many Christians are undereducated about their own belief system, which bothers me, as I'm someone who needs answers for everything... That said, I think the questions tend to go both ways, for a while we see questions aimed at Pagans or Atheists and then a week of questions aimed at Christians... Really, you just have to learn to let it roll off your back.

    Answer by SabrinaMBowen at 10:39 AM on Aug. 10, 2010

  • I don't belittle anyone unless I'm provoked. 

    I'm not a Christian, I can't be one and I don't want to be one.  I don't have any issues with Christians who can accept that.  It's the ones that can't accept it that cause the problems.   They push, push push and I'm the bad guy because I push back?  Sorry, it doesn't wash!


    Answer by beeky at 10:00 AM on Aug. 10, 2010

  • I think I missed something......'Anyways, I have no issues with Christianity in general, some Christians though, well let's just say they don't do a very good job of representing Christ.

    Answer by KristiS11384 at 10:46 AM on Aug. 10, 2010

  • I don't take it personally :)

    Answer by elizabiza at 9:34 AM on Aug. 10, 2010

  • it really boils down to the tolerant ppl being intolerant of those who are intolerant...does that make sense haha. and im w/ them on that...its hard not to hate the haters :)

    ive learned to ignore the backhanded, sarcastic manner in which some of the question are asked and just focus on the question...hoping to make them realize that not all Christians are the way they seem to think we are. it makes a much bigger difference than getting your (general) panties in a twist and lashing out against them.

    and some ppl are just flat out disrespectful to every faith, they just ask Christians the most questions, so we assume they dislike only Christians...when they dislike all faiths.

    Answer by okmanders at 10:13 AM on Aug. 10, 2010

  • I have to agree with Beeky on this one. People make a big deal about "sinking" to the other person's level, like it's something you shouldn't do. But face it, you can't fight a machine gun with a water pistol. You'll do more than lose the battle if you try. Will the christians "back off" if I am sweet and tolerant? Well, it didn't work when I first tried it. You have to put it in their faces, just like they do to the myriad of groups that THEY hate. You have to be aggressive, just like they are. You have to pelt them with the truth when they throw their dogmatic lies at you. On occasion--rare those these may be--I throw them a question that I KNOW they don't have an answer to. They may consider it "baiting". I consider it evangelising. And they sure don't like it when the evangelist is on the other foot. The truth is a tough pill to swallow!! At least, when you're used to sugar-coated lies.

    Answer by witchqueen at 11:32 AM on Aug. 10, 2010

  • I also feel that many Christians are undereducated about their own belief system, which bothers me

    That became very clear yesterday after one of IHU's questions. I brought it up with some friends of mine outside CM (and added a ? in regular R&B about it), and the consensus was that growing up they were not taught about the history of their religion, only what was in the bible. Some of them were even taught as if the years between the death of Jesus and the reformation didn't even exist. In some cases, they'd gone on and researched it on their own, and in others they had since left the church and didn't care, but I do find it alarming how many people are left in that group in between - people following religions they can't even be bothered to learn the history of, with no idea the intent behind what they believe.

    One of the side-effects of that problem is people seeing attacks when they don't understand the conversation.

    Answer by NotPanicking at 1:39 PM on Aug. 10, 2010

  • Oh, I don't either- I am Christian but not a conservative Christian-pro-choice/gay marriage-its all good- I am some place in the middle on most things-it just seems that in life you can get so "liberal" that you look really "conservative" as in- you are just as judgmental of others as any other group out there.

    Comment by soyousay (original poster) at 9:36 AM on Aug. 10, 2010

  • I think we are all entitled to have our own opinions and at the end of the day its all about that opinions.

    Answer by pinkdragon36 at 9:40 AM on Aug. 10, 2010