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Have You Ever Breed Your Female Dogs?

We had a female Cocker Spaniel a fews years back and after she was 2 we breed her and had a litter that we sold. It was so hard for us to say no to our small kids abt keeping 1. Then 2 years later we breed her again and sold all but 1 male. We kept this little guy for the kids, but also as a companion for his Mother. They got along so well, we called him Shadow because he followed her where ever she went. They both lived to be 15 yrs old. We now have a Cockerpoo, which we were going to breed, but due to so many stray unwanted dogs we have decided against it. We really wanted to give her a companion bec. the older dogs will not play w/her and she cries for them to play, and they just won't. I said, if we really get desperate, maybe we'll someday buy another dog instead. For now we'll just love the little Sweetie we have.


Asked by MyAngel003 at 8:55 PM on Aug. 11, 2010 in Pets

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Answers (10)
  • I am So Happy you decided against Breeding your dog- You are Right; there are TOO MANY Strays & Unwanted Dogs & Cats- There are so many being Put- Down Everyday just b/c their owners didn't want to deal with them- If you decide to get another one, Please Check out the Shelter First- i bet you can find the Best Playmate for your Cockerpoo! i had my Chi/Yorkie Spayed at 11 weeks b/c of the same reasons you gave! She is my Bestfriend & will be (8) next month-

    Answer by daisyb at 9:05 PM on Aug. 11, 2010

  • i'v never bred a dog. i'v never had a dog anyone would pay to have. but our dog needs a companion too and we are thinking of getting another dog when we move.

    Answer by jennifer588 at 9:02 PM on Aug. 11, 2010

  • I could never breed my dog. I adopted my dog from a rescue. We are not 100% what kind of mix he is, but he is the sweetest dog. Shelters are so full right now. If you go on Petfinder and click on dogs within a 100 mile radius, 1000's come up. It's so sad!

    Thank you for deciding not to breed your dog! :)

    Answer by Courtney610 at 9:13 PM on Aug. 11, 2010

  • There is NO way I will ever breed my dog. I have had a lot of people who wanted me to breed her with their males but I will not do it. One reason is because of all the animals that are in shelters that are needing homes. My other reason is because my female is a Pit Bull and I do not want to take a chance that the puppy would end up with a HORRIBLE owner who fights dogs. I love my baby girl and would love to have a puppy from her but it's not worth taking a chance of a pittie going to a horrible owner.

    Answer by Juggalette0327 at 11:39 PM on Aug. 11, 2010

  • I am so happy to see that you are not going to breed her. Shelters are so full of adult dogs & cats that need to find a forever home. Thank you so much for giving another dog a chance to live ((( Big Hug )))

    For every heat cycle a female has,the higher % she has of getting breast cancer and cancer of her uterus. A lot of people don't know that animals can get the same type of cancer human get ( for example breast cancer)


    Answer by SherriX2 at 1:47 AM on Aug. 12, 2010

  • If you have chose not to breed her I would look into getting her a companion that you allow her to pick trust me taking her to a pet shop and letting the dogs chose each other is the best sometimes because they will be compatible in personality

    Answer by madwoman41731 at 7:30 PM on Aug. 12, 2010

  • FooLynRoo: Sometimes I don't type correctly,as many on this sight, but at least I didn't spell it BREAD. Being RUDE. doesn't seem to qualify as a good answer, just RUDE to me. I already BREAD OOPS 2 litters of Cocker Spaniels who were registered, had no trouble there, did I get that right, there, they're, or was it their? You need a hobby!!

    Comment by MyAngel003 (original poster) at 4:54 PM on Aug. 12, 2010

  • AKC, In 1986, I'm not so sure it was talked about as much then as now. BUT, don't quote me on that .None the less I had no problem selling any of my puppies. We tried several shelters to buy puppies from this past year, and most of rhem just said, "We're so busy if we don't return a call we sold the puppy you requested." After 6 months of this we finally gave up and went to a Registered Kennel, and I'll most likely go back there to find her a companion dog as well. I have a girlfriend who has a rescue for dogs I'm well aware of the problems with dogs .And I didn't breed Just Because!!

    Comment by MyAngel003 (original poster) at 11:47 PM on Aug. 12, 2010

  • I think if you dont know when to use Bred and Breed you have no business breeding a dog.

    Answer by FooLynRoo at 9:11 AM on Aug. 12, 2010

  • MyAngel
    The fact that you got so defensive kinda proves FooLyn's point. Breeding dogs just because is disgusting. Why, when you were breeding your other dogs, didn't you understand the same homeless animal problem? It didn't just appear suddenly, its been around for ages, years, eons or whatever.

    What registry were they registered with? AKC, CKC, or Continental Kennel Club..or the UKC, FCI?

    The typing was fine it was the spelling and usages of words that wasn't so good.

    Answer by Acid at 9:44 PM on Aug. 12, 2010