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Feeding rice cereal for first time... do I give cereal for EVERY feeding or just one time per day?

I BF my girl - she's ready for solids, I think, but I can't find any info anywhere on if when introducing, if rice cereal should be given at EVERY feeding, or just once a day for awhile, then increase to 2ce a day, 3 times a day, etc?

Also, I know I am supposed to introduce another food every week to test for allergies. When she's ready for us to mix it up during the day, how many servings of what per day do I give? For instance, how much cereal, fruit, protien, and veggies am I supposed to incorporate?

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Asked by MamaLisa1976 at 7:59 PM on Oct. 6, 2008 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • At first I would stick to once a day for maybe a few days. If she likes it then twice a day is good for a while. BF is giving her everything she need for now ( since Im assuming shes around 6 months or so) so you dont need to be concerned too much about a how much and what too soon. After the cereal for a few weeks or whatever, just start with a serving or so of veggies a day, then add a serving of fruit to that after a while, and so on...

    Answer by juicebox503 at 8:07 PM on Oct. 6, 2008

  • I started my daughter on rice cereal just at night for 2 weeks, now i am giving it to her in the morning and at night. The directions says just start out once a day...once you know she tolerates it try twice a day and so on

    Answer by blueeyes71883 at 8:17 PM on Oct. 6, 2008

  • For children under a year old solids are more about the experience than the nutrional value. In other words, don't fret too much. :) Start with one feeding a day. Begin working a routine with it - incorporate solids around what would be "breakfast" (first or second feeding of the day) or at dinner time. Feed her when you sit down for dinner so it's part of a family routine. You're not giving a lot at this point, just something to get her used to the texture and concept of 'chewing.' When you introduce solids, you're going to go through 3-4 days of the same food for a while. By the time you're done with that, you'll be able to better gage what she needs from solids.

    Answer by ldmrmom at 8:38 PM on Oct. 6, 2008

  • Your baby is too young for solids and a BF baby should get solids until 6 months, 4-6 months is the FF baby time span because they N'EED more nutrition but a BF baby doesn't NEED the nutrition until 12 months, until then its see what I mean?

    Answer by tabi_cat1023 at 8:41 PM on Oct. 6, 2008

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics says only breastmilk for the first 6 months "In the first 6 months, water, juice, and other foods are generally unnecessary for breastfed infants." Rice cereal isn't very nutritious. Commercial, iron-fortified cereals are often the first foods served to babies who are not breastfeeding because they need the extra iron, but breastfed babies are rarely anemic as the iron in human milk is well-utilized. Start with tiny amounts of food – about a quarter of a teaspoon once a day. Gradually increase the amount of food and the frequency of feeding to satisfy your baby's hunger and interest. For lots of great tips on starting solids, and foods other than rice cereal go to


    Answer by maggiemom2000 at 9:58 PM on Oct. 6, 2008

  • Thank you all very much. I knew about not needing to start her on solids until 6 months because I BF but the pediatritian said if I feel she's ready then I can start now. She IS showing signs - she's had GREAT head control pretty much from day 1, she drools when she smells our food, and she stares at our forks back and forth when we bring it from the plate to our mouths. :) I actually didn't want to start solids because I will miss the "us" time with the BFing - (It will still be just us but you BF moms know what I mean.) But I read somewhere that by 6 months they should be eating a variety, and I figured if I'm supposed to introduce one food a week or so, I better start now. I guess that applies to FF babies. Thank you all for your help!

    Answer by MamaLisa1976 at 10:30 PM on Oct. 6, 2008

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