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Does anyone have a van with automatic doors???

We just got a van that has automatic doors -- there is a button for each door on the key chain and on the ceiling near my rear view mirror and then there is a button right on the inside of each door.

Welllll... at first I thought that was really neat... now I'm thinking it's really dangerous. A few days ago my 3 yr old got in the van and then I went around the other side to put one of the twins in. He got out of his seat and sat on the floor with his legs hanging out the door.... then he PUSHED THE BUTTON and almost got himself squashed! The door started to close and I was screaming "GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!" He hurried up and got up in the van but it almost caught his leg. Omg... it almost gave me a heart attack! I think me screaming at him scared him more than the door closing. LoL.

Then, today my mom opened the door to get one of the twins out and when she leaned in the van she accidentally bumped the button and SHE ...

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Asked by JenMarie2007 at 12:06 AM on Aug. 16, 2010 in Just for Fun

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  • Its like a garage door when it hits something it will bounce back open. No worries about squished kids. :)

    Answer by karamille at 12:08 AM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • almost got squashed! She has a big scrape on her leg and a bruise on her arm.

    So now I'm really worried about one of the kids (or anyone for that matter) getting hurt because of these damn doors! Anyway, the point of this question... does anyone know of a way to disable them or anything? I thought about putting duct tape over the buttons but I doubt that would work. I'm also seriously thinking about taking it to a mechanic to see if they can just disconnect the wires or SOMETHING to make sure no one can use the buttons on the inside of the doors!!!! But I don't wanna spend a bunch of money if there is something I can do myself.

    Comment by JenMarie2007 (original poster) at 12:09 AM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • Well, it didn't stop when it hit my mom so I don't see how it would stop for a little kid!

    Comment by JenMarie2007 (original poster) at 12:09 AM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • well i would have said the same thing, i had a van like that and it would open when it hit something that was in the way....idk why yours doesnt

    Answer by Shani527 at 12:12 AM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • What kind of van do you have? Mine is a town and country. I've got bumped a couple of times with the door and it aways goes backwards immidiately. We love our power doors. But if you wanted to cover it would put a plastic lid upside down over top of it before taping so it won't accidentally get pushed.

    Answer by karamille at 12:13 AM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • Oooh... good idea! I'll try that! Mine is a Ford Windstar..

    Comment by JenMarie2007 (original poster) at 12:16 AM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • I have had two vans with it and neither of them have stopped when there was something in the way. I have had to shove really hard to get them to go back open. The only thing I can suggest is to turn them off. Or at least the one near the 3 year old. Where the button is on the ceiling there should be an off switch.
    Although I will say, my kids learned quickly not to mess with the door. And an other piece of advice, make sure to get a hide a key, because if the kid locks the doors and closes them, you are screwed. It has happened to me.

    Answer by SleepingBeautee at 12:19 AM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • My van has the option to disable the buttons by the doors.
    It also pops back open if something gets in the way.

    Answer by ToriBabe1221 at 12:24 AM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • Thanks for the tips. Luckily, my van has a little number pad on the outside of the drivers door where you can punch in a code if you lock yourself out or anything. lol

    Comment by JenMarie2007 (original poster) at 12:24 AM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • I have that feature on my Honda Odyssey, and before we bought it we tested the "safety features" of the sliding doors. We found that it did take some amount of force to trigger the safety feature that makes the door reopen when something's in the way. It's definitely enough force to knock a child or even a small adult off balance, but when it comes down to it, it really wouldn't crush them, but it might bruise them. I wonder if you took the van back to the dealer and complain, if maybe they can change the sensitivity so it will bounce back with a lighter touch?

    Answer by debbymichelle at 12:57 AM on Aug. 16, 2010

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