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My hubby vs. the neighbors dog.

The only neighbors we have close by with children the same ages as ours live right next door. We've always gotten along and the kids are all best friends. A few months ago they got a rotty puppy. From day one she was never taught boundaries or discipline other than being yelled at and beat. She is always in our yard and she scares me. She will sit on my porch and growl at me for trying to come out my front door. I've spoken to the wife several times and they'll chain her up for a few days but then its back to the norm. Anyway, dh hates this dog because he's afraid she's going to bite someone, and more than once she's chased him on his motorcycle biting the tires and stuff. Dh is very laid back most of the time but about a week ago she came down here and started barking and growling at him and he chased her back to her yard screaming at her. The husband was outside and came around to where dh and the dog were.

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Asked by Quentinsmamma at 3:11 PM on Aug. 16, 2010 in Just for Fun

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  • maybe you all just need to call the humaine sociaty.

    Answer by kaysha at 3:12 PM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • Cont.
    Dh started yelling at the neighbor telling him if he didn't keep his dog on his property he was going to put a bullet in his head. He's never really do it, but he was pretty mad. We have 4 dogs of our own and we know it's not the dogs fault she behaves this way. Anyway, the neighbor got in dh's face and it was almost a fight. Luckily dh walked away. So now I'm worried that they wont want their kids playing with ours and it will cause all kinds of problems. I've tried talking to the wife, but she's obviously mad as well. I know dh was in the wrong on this but I've begged him to go apologize and try to smooth things over and he refuses.
    What would you do in this situation? Should I go over and try to fix it, or make him, or just let it go and hope things go back to normal someday.

    Comment by Quentinsmamma (original poster) at 3:14 PM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • Call animal control. I would do it anonomously, as to not ruin the kids' friendships. After having to pay a few tickets for a roaming dog, they will learn! You could also mention you have seen them beat the dog, if you have. It is illegal in most, if not all, states to let your dog roam.

    Answer by JGRIMMER at 3:14 PM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • Does your town have a dog ordinance? Print out a copy and bring it over to them and point out that it's not just a matter of being neighborly, it is the law for them to keep their dog out of your yard. Try the nice approach a few more times, and if it doesn't work, call the dog warden.

    Answer by riotgrrl at 3:14 PM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • Call animal control!

    Answer by coder_chick at 3:15 PM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • It doesn't sound to me like DH was in the wrong. You should have called animal control the first time the dog was on YOUR property growling at you or anyone in your family. It's the owners responsibility to keep the dog in check.

    Answer by coder_chick at 3:16 PM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • I would go over and tell them you are sorry your husband acted that way. I would tell them the dog has scared you a few times and when the husband saw the dog growling at the back door he was just mad and trying to protect his family. Tell them exactly what you told us..that the dog chases your hubby motorcycle and growls at your door. I would tell them you dont want this to come between you guys but it is keeping you guys on edge because you are afraid of the dog. See what they say...

    Answer by ria7 at 3:20 PM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • I have considered calling animal control but I didn't want to start a war. We live out of city limits and everyone out here has 2 or more acres of land, but they still give tickets for dogs running around. I also watched them leave for the lake yesterday morning with the dog chained up in the middle of their yard with no shade and no water and it was pushing 90 degrees by afternoon. Luckily someone came and put her inside around 2 when I was getting ready to call. They are nice people but they had no business getting a dog like that and not training her properly.

    Comment by Quentinsmamma (original poster) at 3:20 PM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • ria, I have told them all of this several times. They always say they are sorry and that the kids let her out. They've seen her chasing hubby on his bike, and my mil had video on her phone of her growling at the door when she was here babysitting. I think we have been really calm about it up until the other night when my husband when off on him.

    Comment by Quentinsmamma (original poster) at 3:23 PM on Aug. 16, 2010

  • Doesn't sound like real friends to worry about. Just got done after 3 years of that junk. The kind of people who really don't care about others unless it would benefit them.. Good luck. Just treat the dog as any other loose dog. What would you normally do with an aggressive dog on your porch? I'd pepper spray him, walk past to the car and call Animal control. Someone else would LOVE to have a young rotty and treat it with respect that it deserves.

    Answer by thelowlander at 3:27 PM on Aug. 16, 2010

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