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Do you agree with HOA's (Homeowners Associations)??? Are they beneficial or just a waste of money???

I personally don't agree with them. I don't think it's fair for an organization to tell a homeowner what he can and cannot do to the home THEY paid for. I think they take advantage of the power they have and boss homeowners around...because they can.

Here are a few riduculous rules I have seen in our area.

In one HOA near our area, a man was told he would be kicked out of his home if he didn't remove his POW sticker off his car window. They were afraid it would offend some residents. Also another HOA in the area was sending fines and threats to one home for having a "not so classy" car in front of their house. It was a really nice pickup truck. But, because it wasn't a luxury vehicle, it was to be removed.

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Asked by Anonymous at 1:23 PM on Aug. 22, 2010 in Home & Garden

Answers (17)
  • I hate them. If someone tried to tell me I couldn't live somewhere because the car I drove wasn't good enough for them, I would raise you know what. People are so stuck up and snobby! For some reason, they thing these things, like the length of your grass, is important. And the POW sticker?! Are you kidding me?? This man or woman was a prisoner of war, and they are going to say it is offensive. I would offend them, alright!

    Answer by momof3josephs at 1:26 PM on Aug. 22, 2010

  • I think they can do good if they are managed properly. The thought behind them is to help protect property values. What seems to happen is what you described - the HOA starts making ridiculous rules. A friend of mine just moved into a condo with a HOA, they told her she wasn't allowed to have a chair on her porch because it was "distracting." It was a white rocker.

    Answer by Scuba at 1:26 PM on Aug. 22, 2010

  • It depends on the HOA... Ours is great. If a person doesn't want to deal with them, then I guess they don't have to buy in that neighborhood. I like living here because everyone has to keep their yards and houses looking nice at all times. Keeps our home values increasing, and I don't cringe when I drive into my neighborhood. But again, depends on the HOA.

    Answer by shanlaree at 1:26 PM on Aug. 22, 2010

  • I understand them but I would never choose to live in a neighborhood with one.

    Answer by But_Mommie at 1:32 PM on Aug. 22, 2010

  • we have one. The idea of an HOA appealed to us, however ours isn't working out so well. A lot of our neighbors are refusing to pay :P

    Answer by blessedwithree at 1:33 PM on Aug. 22, 2010

  • I would never want to live there, ever. I would be extremely resentful. I do think they are based in a compulsion for control and a fear of otherness. They feel living in these places will protect them from otherness, so they throw a 98-year-old woman in jail for having grass that's too tall instead of mowing it and they throw people out for not having a rich enough car. There's so many important things to care about in this world, like if your neighbors down the street are getting enough food and medical care, I really think its a waste of energy and time to worry if your neighbors shrubs are pruned. No thank you.

    Answer by Bellarose0212 at 1:38 PM on Aug. 22, 2010

  • I think the only rules an HOA should have are: Keep your yards clean, mowed, and looking presentable. I also don't think that there should be a ton of vehicles parked outside your house for an extended amount of time making the house look like some sort of a junk yard.

    Answer by joannakitler at 1:41 PM on Aug. 22, 2010

  • we have one and hate it! were actually putting our house for sale and i will never again live where they have one. the last newsletter from them talked about weed issues, not parking in street, commercial vehicles not being visable from street, no fireworks. yet the playground were having to pay to maintain is full of weeds. who cares if someones commercial vehicle is within sight? were also out of city limits so fireworks are legal here yet THEY think they can ban them?! ive never lived in a neighborhood with an HOA before this and i never will again.

    Answer by lillie70 at 1:45 PM on Aug. 22, 2010

  • The one We have in Our neighborhood in north GA is a load of crap. Takes people's money every month but doesn't fix anything they claim to be using the funds for. I really think We're all getting scammed.

    Answer by ajtherad at 1:46 PM on Aug. 22, 2010

  • I own and manage my own rentals. We have houses in 9 HOAs. There is such a difference. One is just for parties. The one in the most upscale neighborhood is least restrictive.

    The most restrictive is in the oldest and least expensive neighborhood. It is run by a retired single man who spends his time walking around the neighborhood and making notes. He then sends out certified letters at the expense of the HOA to make the most absurd changes. Once I got a letter that an area of about 3 square feet that was surrounded with walkways had grass that was too long. We had purposely planted mondo grass there so it would not need mowing.
    If I was not tootoobusy, I would run for office on all these HOAs.

    Answer by tootoobusy at 1:51 PM on Aug. 22, 2010

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