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could i put child support on my ex even though

he keeps saying they wont grant me child support because he doesn't have enough money because of his car payments and all his bills.. couldn't they make him get another job or something? i was asking him for $100 per week till 2 weeks ago he stopped. he says he cant give me no more cause of his bills.. well im working but im not making enough i have to pay for daycare plus for things my 2 month old needs.. i cant get another job cause then ill have no time for my daughter..his dumb ass should put in for the baby too.. all he does is party with the "HOMIES¨

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Asked by Anonymous at 8:29 PM on Oct. 8, 2008 in Relationships

Answers (12)
  • It doesn't matter what bills he has, they will take a certain percentage of his income. If he can't afford his bills after that, that's his problem. Take him to court and get it on paper and automatically deducted out of his paycheck!!

    Answer by WadeMom313 at 8:34 PM on Oct. 8, 2008

  • His bills have nothing to do with it. Most of the time when you have to pay child support it is taken out of your check everyweek. HE has no control over it. Sorry Buddy.

    Answer by edgpag at 8:34 PM on Oct. 8, 2008

  • I agree! Take him to court and have it put on paper. His bills don't factor in at all. If he can't afford the car after he pays that is his problem. He might have to get a cheaper car. He created the baby and now he has to support it. Just my opinion.

    Answer by coala at 8:42 PM on Oct. 8, 2008

  • They will make him pay you something based on his income not his bills. And if you need help with daycare you maybe able to qualify for assistance through social services

    Answer by amydh at 8:48 PM on Oct. 8, 2008

  • You should've gotten a legal, court ordered child support payment right away. By doing so, the court makes sure his child support payments are made the priority (which, IMO, is how it should be), and they come before all of his other bills. He's talking crap because he doesn't want you to get it in writing...don't listen to him. Get it done, legally, and you won't have to worry about it.

    Answer by jespeach at 8:50 PM on Oct. 8, 2008

  • there is alot of excuses but u need to fight it get an attorney if need b



    Answer by Mommy2Be1212009 at 8:57 PM on Oct. 8, 2008

  • ok... baby daddy DOES have to pay child support. the office of the attorney general doesn't give a flying fuck about his bills. Each state has a set of guidelines that they go by and it is based off of a percentage of their income versus how many children they are LEGALLY obligated to support. For example, if he was now shacking up with a chick with 3 kids that he didn't provide the sperm on, then he is not legally obligated to support them and cannot use that as an excuse for not supporting the child he DID provide the sperm on. So if your kid is his only kid, they will take X% of his income and send that to you. You can apply for assistance through your states OAG. Is he on the birth certificate? If not, they will have a dna test done to make sure that the baby is his. Not because they don't believe you, but because that is just the way it is... hope that helps.

    Answer by paralegalmommy at 9:11 PM on Oct. 8, 2008

  • You have to get court ordered child support and they will attach his wages if he doesn't pay.

    Answer by sammiesmom2000 at 9:16 PM on Oct. 8, 2008

  • First, the court isn't going to give a crap about his bills, they will look at what the two of you make or are capable of making if you're not working or only working part time and will divide support between you...and that money will get garnished from his wages before he ever gets the chance to spend it on bills. Definitely get an order so when he decides not to pay (which would pretty much mean he got fired or quit his job), you will still be owed it and it goes to arrearages.

    Answer by kabbot01 at 10:08 PM on Oct. 8, 2008

  • Go to your local child support office. No they do NOT consider his bills. It is based on his gross pay. Don't let him get to you. You have a child to take care of, you need his help but not his problems. If he doesn't pay, YES they will take it from his check. The courts don't pity fathers with lame excusses. If his bills are to high, he needs to lower his standard of living. Your kid comes first. Plus they can also make him pay for half of the daycare cost on top of child support. Good luck and God Bless...............

    Answer by lilsparkysmom at 10:29 PM on Oct. 8, 2008

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