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How do I pick myself up again? adult content

My DD just turned one last week and I have yet to lose any of my baby weight. I tried, I really did but, also a diagnosis for hypothyroidism hasnt helped me with the weight gain/loss department. Ive been trying dieting and excersise. (Its very, very hard for me to get the proper amount to lose weight due to some outstanding circumstances). I feel so ugly and fat and just not happy at all with myself. It is effecting DH and I's relationship and sex life. I dont feel one bit sexy at all and its hard for me to want to have sex. I love my DH more than I can explain and I know this is all my fault, I just dont know how to fix it if we are still living here and having only one vehicle (some explaination to the outstanding circumstances) no time, no help, no friends. I want to feel good enough for him, pretty enough. I want to feel happy again to save our relationship and marriage... =(
I just need some helpful words...

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:39 AM on Aug. 23, 2010 in Relationships

Answers (10)
  • Eat healthy meals, take your daughter for long walks. Exercise and eating less will help with the baby weight. I found that not having junk food in the house really helps me.

    Answer by Mommy2Gabrielle at 11:41 AM on Aug. 23, 2010

  • maybe a doctor could prescribe you medicine for your thyroid problem. i think it will help you lose weight. since you have that problem it will be hard for you to lose weight. but continue to eat healthy and exercise.


    Answer by xavierlogan09 at 11:42 AM on Aug. 23, 2010

  • aww honey HUGGLES. you know YOU are not your body. You are the woman he married , the person inside, you are your spirit and being. you dont really want to be dieting. you should talk to a nutrtionist about a full lifestyle change to heatlher eating habits. its a lot easier to change your lifestyle choices than to diet. diet implies giving things up and going without. whereas a lifestyle change to a healthier relationship with food does not. but even with weight loss and toning your body, you have to be secure in YOU not the body you are within. yes get healthy. but come to terms with the fact that he married ALL OF YOU. not your body. and YOU are a sexy woman he loves

    Answer by sati769leigh at 11:43 AM on Aug. 23, 2010

  • "Tried" is an interesting word.

    So, after being diligent for the whole of the past year about portion control and vigorous exercise, eating all very-healthy foods (not 'organic potato chips', for example), and getting fresh air and activity built into your life, you still weigh the same as you did when you gave birth?

    Or, do you mean you went on a highly restrictive diet plan with or without an extreme exercise regimen that you didn't keep up with for more than a few weeks at the most?

    There is no magic to weight loss: eat food, mostly vegetables, not too much, and move your body, and get enough rest.

    You have a lot of excuses, but I don't see a single reason why you need to be sitting at the computer instead of lifting your baby over your head ten times and doing 18 squats before making yourself a big mixed salad with some tuna and an apple for lunch, drinking more fresh water, and sleeping when the baby sleeps...

    Answer by LindaClement at 11:45 AM on Aug. 23, 2010

  • Make small goals, instead of looking at the whole picture. 2 pounds a week is a good goal.

    Sit and write down your gameplan, (Ex; like 3 meals a day consisting of protein, veggie and complex carb, 3 snacks a day consisting of a protein and fruit. Dessert once a week. Walk around the block Monday, Wed and Friday. 20 crunches, 2x a day Tuesday and Thursday)

    Learn something new, just for you. Alot of cable or satellite providers have a fitness channel- and they have yoga, bellydancing, zumba, etc. Bellydancing is great for weight loss and connecting with your inner feminine.

    Red finger nails. It's amazing how red nails can turn a woman in to a sultry vixen.

    Answer by CarrieGemenon19 at 11:54 AM on Aug. 23, 2010

  • Wow, ignore the nasty answer on here. Some people think they have to be hateful and call it honesty.

    Walking around the neighborhood can help. I have put my kids in the stroller and just walked. The fresh air can really clear your head and make you feel better. It's also great exercise. Don't keep junk food around. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. I know it's hard to lose the weight and to feel attractive when you feel so bad about yourself. Just start with eating healthy and exercising. You'll be amazed at the improvement you'll see.

    Answer by wildflowers25 at 11:56 AM on Aug. 23, 2010

  • Wow to the answer 3 posts above me. What a way of motivation. I dont understand how you can interpret excuses. I didnt really explain any on my post. For some people, thier lifestyle at the moment its hard to excersice regularly. For me right now, My baby only sleeps for about an hour a day for naps. I take that hour a day for some time to myself to relax so I dont have a nervouse breakdown. healthy eating is the best I can do right now along with mild exercise that I can do inside. I would LOVE to go for walks with my baby. I live in a town outside of Fort Knox, Kentucky called Vine Grove. Apparently they dont believe in sidewalks, and where the speed limit is averadged at about 55MPH. I live on a residential street (with no sidewalks) where the speed limit is 35. But I'll be damned if people actually go 35. I almost got hit the first week we were here. Im not about to put my baby and myself at risk like that.

    Answer by SierraLynn at 9:32 PM on Aug. 23, 2010

  • Cont.
    I would LOVE to go to the gym on post where they have child care for free for an hour, but for some reason my husband's NCO doesnt understand that we only have one vehicle and that I might need to use it sometime. I almost never get the truck, unless Ior DD have an appt for the doc. He "needs" the truck to run errands. Its fu*cking stupid and I cant get him to understand that it would be helpful and beneficial to me to have the truck or my own car. I only have so much time throughout my day to workout at home. My DD is in the "freak out if mommy leaves the room or isnt paying 100% attention to me" stage and its getting old to but I have come to the realization that its not going to stop anytime soon. If this house isnt spotless by the time my husband comes home, its a fight. Its a fight becasue "im home all day, I should have nothing better else to do". He is slowly getting better on the house being a mess thing though.

    Answer by SierraLynn at 9:38 PM on Aug. 23, 2010

  • Cont.
    The only slavation I ahve is to eat right and do a little bit of excercise a day to keep me from feeling like a total failure. And maybe in your eyes, I still am becasue Im not back to a size 6, and wasnt there a month after I gave birth. Im sorry these "excuses" arent good enough for you. I asked for some nice words becasue I dont get them. I dont get help motivation or anything helpful in losing weight from anyone. Im alone in this and its hard. My DH doesnt seem to ahve any intrest, my mother is a bitch, and I have no friends becasue I hardly leave the house. We just moved here a few months ago. We live in an apt building with 3 other units. None have kids, the one who is my age is very sick. I have no one. And to hear or read some nice words from even people I dont know, well, I thought it might be nice. But apparently not. Not when people like you precive yourself to be make others feel stupid and incompetant.

    Answer by SierraLynn at 9:44 PM on Aug. 23, 2010

  • Cont.
    Thank you to the others who gave advice and nice things to say.

    Answer by SierraLynn at 9:46 PM on Aug. 23, 2010

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