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I'm Republican but also believe in gay marriage...

....anyone else with me? Why can't people be allowed to marry the person they love? I'm a Christian too, and I believe in loving everyone. I have gay friends that have healthier relationships than some of the straight people I know!

At the same time I'm conservative, I'm pro choice as well. I guess as far as gov't goes, I just care about how my family's hard earned money is spent.

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Asked by prettyrayray at 12:09 AM on Oct. 9, 2008 in Just for Fun

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  • lol. There's nothing wrong with that. Neither candidate is perfect, and citizens of the US are so vastly different that not everyone is going to be happy. It's unrealistic to think that one candidate is going to satisfy all your wants and needs. I'm the same as you in a way, but the opposite. Does that make sense? I agree more with the Democrats on economic issues, but I'm BIG TIME pro-life. I know alot of moms are going to bash me for this, but that's the MAIN reason I'm voting for McCain. (go ahead, start bashing now. I'm a big girl, I can take it. But you won't change my mind.)

    Anyways -- you're doing the right thing. That's what everyone who votes should do. You're weighing the pros and cons of both candidates, and looking at what are the most important issues to YOU and basing your decision on which candidate meets your expectations. Kudos to you for thinking for yourself!

    Answer by renea20 at 12:26 AM on Oct. 9, 2008

  • awesome response Renea!! I want to hear more responses, but i really like yours!

    Answer by prettyrayray at 12:31 AM on Oct. 9, 2008

  • Renea, you sound more Libertarian than Republican. Fiscally conservative but socially progressive.

    Answer by gdiamante at 1:13 AM on Oct. 9, 2008

  • qdiamante..
    Maybe I am. lol. I don't know. I know how I feel about the issues, but I don't know what to "label" myself. I'm still relatively new to the whole"politics" thing. lol. What does being a "libertarian" mean?

    Answer by renea20 at 1:52 AM on Oct. 9, 2008

  • when i registered to vote i chose republican too, NOT for mc cain though, HELL NO. lol for Ron paul.:] Im also pro choice! and im for gay marriage, i think no one should tell you who to love and what to do with your body. Im an athiest too, i really wish ron paul made it. lol :]

    Answer by mamaxkitty at 1:52 AM on Oct. 9, 2008

  • Libertarianism is a term used by a broad spectrum[1] of political philosophies which prioritize individual liberty[2] and seek to minimize or even abolish the state.[3][4] The definition of libertarian in a political sense is a contentious issue and libertarians agree on no single principle or set of principles. The proper role of government is described from a number of different metaphysical, epistemological, and moral viewpoints.[5] The word libertarian is an antonym of authoritarian.

    i got it from wikipedia.
    I would label myself as a libertarian, i only chose republican cause of ron paul.

    Answer by mamaxkitty at 1:59 AM on Oct. 9, 2008

  • You can either be considered a Fiscal Conservative Republican or Libertarian Republican. That's what I am too. When it comes to the economy I am definitely on the side of the Republicans and that matters to me more than the social issues when voting. All the social issues don't pay the bills or keep me employed. I don't think that there should be a ban on gay marriage. I am pro-life but at the same time pro-choice. Personally, I would never have an abortion but at the same time, why would I tell someone if they should keep the baby or not.

    Answer by gburns72 at 8:30 PM on Nov. 10, 2008

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