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Not pregnant, then what? adult content

I am off to see my Nurse Practitioner tomorrow as I have had a few frustrating weeks of pregnancy symptoms, but am sure I am not pregnant as I did take a test last week and it was negative :(
For the past 3 weeks I have had extreme fatigue that has me craving a nap daily (if I can) and even after, I am still exhasted and not feeling rested at all. I sleep well at night. I am frequently having the urge to urinate every hour to 2 hours like clockwork. I am also having headaches and dizziness and every other day or two, I have nausea that lasts for an hour to a few hours at a time.
My period was very light this past week which was very abnormal but I am hoping that some bloodwork will shed some light on what is going on!


Asked by miraclewaits at 8:49 PM on Aug. 24, 2010 in Trying to Conceive

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  • Wow, for the past two weeks I have been going through daily nausea, slight head aches, dizziness, I'm drained though I haven't been sleeping well, and peeing a lot. I have had slight cramps like I'm about to start my monthly but I'm not due until the first or second of September, my breasts aren't any larger or painful but my nipples have been very sensitive which is weird for me. I've peed on two sticks and each was neg, but I know it's because it's to early. Though, for me it could all be stress because I've had a ton of family drama and work stress dumped on me all at once.
    I'm just going to wait and see what happens I have to go out for a business trip the beginning of September (more stress) and don't have time to see a Dr. until I get back.
    I can't wait to hear about your results though. (maybe a bug is going around? lol)

    Answer by Gnomeofmyheart at 9:04 PM on Aug. 24, 2010

  • You still could be and it's just not showing up on the pregnancy test yet. I was 6 weeks pregnant wih my 2nd and 3rd when I finally got a positive test. good Luck. Let us know what you find out.

    Answer by PoisonousBlonde at 9:04 PM on Aug. 24, 2010

  • OMG....same here i am feeling all of that that you just described...i guess i should make a drs app too

    Answer by jesslovesyou08 at 8:51 PM on Aug. 24, 2010

  • I was told that you can have sympathetic symptoms but there is no way that I am bringing this on. We have been trying for just 2 months since the loss of a baby that I m/c in early June so the pressure isn't really on! I mean, we are excited to get pregnant again but I am not so obsessed that I should be experiencing these symptoms b/c I am so driven to get pregnant. Update me as to what you find out as will be interesting to compare notes :)

    Comment by miraclewaits (original poster) at 8:54 PM on Aug. 24, 2010

  • yes i will please let me know what you find out too

    Answer by jesslovesyou08 at 8:56 PM on Aug. 24, 2010

  • Today, I hope they do some bloodwork to see what is going on. I had a m/c, like mentioned, in early June and although I seemed to 'bounce back' and have energy just a week later, this has now come on just for the past few weeks. I wanted to 'think' that maybe I was pregnant again (so quickly after our loss) but can't believe that I am. I did take a test and it was negative. I also had a period over a week ago but I had one day of bleeding followed by 5 days of very light, brown spotting........then, it ended and here I am wondering......
    I don't think I am pregnant; could just be low iron levels possibly. Just need to be feeling better and have my energy back again. Today will tell the tale! Best of luck to the rest of you too!

    Comment by miraclewaits (original poster) at 10:16 AM on Aug. 25, 2010

  • this happen to me last dec and then again this july!.. i have no rhyme or reason for it i went to the docs and everything was fine in dec my period was actually 78 days late and i felt preggs the whole time i wasnt ttc i did have a random spotting i was sleeping all the time eating more blah blah blah.. i think its just our cycle changing or just our bodies being funny.. my period has been like clock work! and so has my ovulation but those two times it was messed up and both times i felt preggers, i think that maybe i was just reading to much into my body.. sometimes crap just happens ladies.. i hope you all find out what is going on but for me when i was sleeping and urinating all the time and getting sick wasnothing... :-/ oh and ps i have never been on anytime of birth control

    Answer by SammiGirl07 at 12:28 PM on Aug. 25, 2010

  • Went to the Nurse Practioner today. She is going to have me some bloodwork tomorrow; blood sugar, thyroid, hemoglobin as well as a bloodtest to confirm that I am not pregnant (as I know I can't be as I did my OPK this aft. and it reads positive so I will most likely be ovulating tonight, tomorrow or the next day....just like clockwork!). I am not surprised, really but relieved also as my body is at least regulated in terms of when I have a cycle, how long it is and that my luteal phase and total cycle length is the same; 29 days. I am just glad that my body is pretty much back to normal following my m/c in June of this year.

    Best of luck to the rest of you who have 'wierd' symptoms this month!

    Comment by miraclewaits (original poster) at 5:23 PM on Aug. 25, 2010

  • Well, got the results back from my bloodwork; all, nothing! I still don't know what I am so exhausted every day! My NP did say that my fatigue could just be from the blood loss from the m/c I had in June. It is taking so long to bounce back if that is the case. I was tested for diabetes and thyroid and both are fine. I guess I should be happy that all is well but it is frustrating to find out that this extreme fatigue is 'nothing'?
    Oh, well. Hopefully, the fatigue will pass soon. It has been almost a month trying to cope with this. I just want to have my energy back.

    Comment by miraclewaits (original poster) at 8:53 PM on Aug. 27, 2010