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I just rented Sex & the City

I was heart broken when of my favorite shows came to the big screen. The biggest reason? I live in Bangor ME, and I have no true blue gilrfriends to have watched it with. Well after the a big fight, my IH rented the movie as a sign of good faith and to kiss my you know what. We dimmed the lights I grabbed a glass of white wine, and anticipated Sex & the City to be one of my favorite chick flicks. Well half hour into the movie I felt like I was watching a long drawn out episode. Was anyone eles disappointed by the movie?

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Asked by Carmiesmom08 at 2:14 PM on Oct. 9, 2008 in Entertainment

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Answers (10)
  • I did feel like it was one big, long episode, but I still loved it!!

    Answer by chillemi78 at 2:18 PM on Oct. 9, 2008

  • i loved it! saw it the night it went to theaters. &hearts most tv series that have a movie normally do seem like a long episode... but isnt that why we love the show???

    Answer by BabyBugsmama at 3:45 PM on Oct. 9, 2008

  • I too, was disappointed by it. VERY. I thought it was stupid and I LOVED the series.

    I know it's a movie & all (and tv show), but in reality, Big and Carrie would have never ended up together. He's that type of guy who wants what he can't have, then when he gets it, doesn't want it. I don't know... I just never fell for the whole Carrie & Big ending up together in the end (the last season), although, I do admit, I liked how it ended.

    What's a "IH". Oh, also, I don't have any good friends to go see it with either, so I went to the theater and watched it by myself! I think that's the only time I went to the movies by myself!

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:55 PM on Oct. 9, 2008

  • I too was a little bit dissapointed, I think there was too much hype, about how good it was, good reviews etc, so I was expecting something great... and it wasn't, but I still had a good time.

    Answer by Anzures at 7:25 PM on Oct. 9, 2008

  • I was disappointed when I saw it at the movies but I saw it again on DVD I liked it more. It grew on me.
    Cafe MichelleL

    Answer by Cafe MichelleL at 11:29 PM on Oct. 9, 2008

  • Idiot Husband (IH) is what I call my husband when he does or says something that puts him in the dog house. Hence surprising me w/ a movie he'd rather naw his foot off then watch.

    Answer by Carmiesmom08 at 12:34 AM on Oct. 10, 2008

  • A whole bunch of girlfriends and I went out when it first came to the theater and we loved it! I thought it was great.

    Answer by lara33 at 11:57 AM on Oct. 10, 2008

  • I thinks thats my issue lara33. I think I would have liked the movie if I had gone with my girls,went out to dinner, got buzzed off apple martinis, talked men and sex all night. I feel cheated.

    Answer by Carmiesmom08 at 1:36 PM on Oct. 10, 2008

  • I LOVED it!! Especially when Carrie hit Mr. Big over the head with her bouquet!! That was awesome!

    Answer by Dark_Princess_2 at 9:37 PM on Oct. 10, 2008

  • I was wondering what "IH" was too! Thanks for the new abbreviation.

    I did like the movie. I'll take a happy ending, even if it takes forever to get there. I had to watch it alone too. Sigh.

    Answer by Ilovepie77 at 10:14 PM on Oct. 12, 2008

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