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what can I do to control a # year old who acts like a 13 year old?

I have a 3 year old daughter who has a attitude of a 13 year old< I dont know how to punish her witout being too mean. there are some days i just want to smack her mouth. she is very mouthy and says thing like you are goingtodo this and if you dont do that then Im going to scream or tell me she will be bad>she already has a smart mouth probably as bad as a 13 year old. Its wearing my patience thin

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Asked by misselizabeth87 at 10:48 PM on Aug. 25, 2010 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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  • My dd is 3 as well and recently she's started getting really really bossy and kind of mean. It's driving me INSANE. I feel the same way you do- terrible as it sounds sometimes it's hard not to smack her mouth. I am so glad you asked this question because I'd like to see some of the answers. When she gets smart with me I usually put her in time out and then get down on her level and tell her that her attitude is not OK. It doesn't really work all that well so she ends up locked in her bedroom until she can calm down. Just know that it's normal, at least I hope so since I am having the same problem.

    Answer by ajbrownies at 10:52 PM on Aug. 25, 2010

  • I have popped my kids in the mouth for being little shits....I have all boys, but sometimes I swear I had some girls....I have also done the soap in mouth for saying things that should NEVER come from a kids mouth....not long and not alot....I had it done to me and remembered my lesson. I do check the soap first to make sure it isn't too abrasive or anything...the things I go through to punish my kids. Yes, she is young, but unfortunately if you don't control the behavior now it will only escalate to worse things. Its not something that "is just a phase" or "she'll grow out of" these are the days that are the building blocks for the fundamentals of life.

    Answer by HTMommy at 10:55 PM on Aug. 25, 2010

  • Honestly, I would pop her mouth, or put soap in it!My 4yr old DS just started saying stuff like "You better let me or I will...." I popped him in the mouth. He hasn't said it again!. I didn't knock him over or anything, but the shock of me doing it really got to him!

    Answer by clovismommy25 at 11:03 PM on Aug. 25, 2010

  • maybe, when she starts being bossy, look at her and tell her, "you're being bossy and mean, and i don't like being around that kind of behaviour." then walk away?

    Answer by gracefulsky at 11:05 PM on Aug. 25, 2010

  • I hate to tell you his but at 2 1/2 all that started with my son I swear I really thought I was losing my mind , I finally wen to our paediatrician after I video ape one of my sons mouthy out takes and tantrums He then sent me to a neurologist it had turned out my son was ADHD I did not start him on meds until he started school yet i did find cutting yellow cheese out of his diet and red colored juices helped for some reason certain dyes enhance ADHD talk to your Doctor before things get real crazy and don't settle for ALL KIDS HIS AGE ARE LIKE THAT OR your JUST A NEW mom ( Those are things I was old even though I also had a Daughter two 1/2 years older then him/ OH AND BY THE WAY THIS WAS Diagnosed before ADHD was commonly herd of and used as a crutch for so many parents get a second opinion I did that also just to make sure. Good Luck ((( Hugs))

    Answer by SCMomof2kids at 2:12 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • Thank you all! I'm going to try new things with her, I refuse to let a 3 year old run my house. It doesn't help that I'm not with her dad any more and when she at his house, he let's her do whatever she wants.

    Comment by misselizabeth87 (original poster) at 2:22 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • Pop her mouth, not hit, pop. Its not going to hurt her if you do it soft enough, but it would shock her, & after tell her why you did it. Tell her that shes being naughty & has to go to time out & isn't allowed to talk like that.....

    Answer by lilmoosesmom at 7:09 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • I never use the bedroom as a place for a time out so we have a guest bedroom that is basically just a bed and a linen closet. If my daughter gets mouthy she is sent straight to the "naughty room" for nine minutes because she is 9 years old. It's very boring in there so it generally keeps her in line.

    Answer by MegWorthington at 9:09 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

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