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What miracles has God performed in your life?

What are some amazing things that God has done for you? From the miraculous to the mundane, God provides for me and does nice things for me all the time. I want to know if He's done the same for you. Let's give Him the glory for it!

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Asked by HealthyMom62 at 8:03 AM on Aug. 26, 2010 in Religion & Beliefs

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  • Like what? I want to know what your God has done for you that could not have been a coincidence, a chain reaction set in motion by human events or something you, yourself, could not accomplished on your own or with the help of other humans...

    Answer by IhartU at 8:05 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • I'm alive and so are my children. I dont believe that god interfears(SP) with our lives at all, and if I did I wouldnt think he was that great, due to children starving being beaten molested etc...

    Answer by SabrenaLeigh at 8:08 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • Let's start with the mundane: God gives me wisdom and discernment every day. He gives me the grace to deal with unpleasant people and circumstances without totally losing my mind. I can't do any of those things on my own or with the help of other humans.

    The miraculous: He delivered me from an addiction to alcohol and drugs. He healed my daughter of the effects of a birth defect without the intervention or treatment from doctors. I couldn't do either of those things on my own or with the help of other people.

    And that's just the beginning.

    Comment by HealthyMom62 (original poster) at 8:29 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • I survived a childhood of abuse, rape, and drug addiction. God delivered me from the hate and anger that controlled me. I am a whole new person. As for God letting things like starving children and molested children happen....that was me and I can tell you right now God allows people to be evil because He will not force anyone to do anything against their will. What He DOES do, though, is heal those who are broken, and give life to all who accept it. I cannot expect you to understand unless it happens to you, but I know that Godis very much a part of my life, and it is a miracle to me daily that He has made me a new person in such a short time.

    Answer by momof3josephs at 8:43 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • God is good, everyday is a blessing in my eyes. I have a beautiful 18 month son and another lil bundle on joy on the way. I never really thought i wanted to be a mom because i was so focus on my career but god had to show me the true meaning of love by blessing me with a child. There is no love like the love a mother has for her child and there is no love like god has for his children. I'm blessed

    Answer by MomAsia at 8:55 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • Without God, someone in those circumstances can end up being a bitter and angry person. I think that God's going to do amazing things through you and your experiences.

    Thanks for sharing. :-)

    Comment by HealthyMom62 (original poster) at 8:57 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • I think everything good or bad thats happened to me was based on choices I made or being in a place at the right/wrong time, nothing beyond that. God didn't make me drive onto the freeway during a traffic jam when I could took surface streets and gone around it, that was my choice (example).

    Answer by Zoeyis at 8:59 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • My husband delivers mail for the US Postal Service. His main office is Kingston, TN, but on the days they don't need him, it's possible for him to be sent to other nearby offices (Oak Ridge, Lenoir City, etc). On Monday, he was scheduled to work in Kingston. For whatever reason, he ended up being sent to Oak Ridge. Some time around 2 in the afternoon, a man driving a van had a seizure and crashed right into a beauty salon and injured 10 people.

    Now, what does that have to do with my husband's job and where he was working that day? Well, if he hadn't been sent to Oak Ridge, he would have been standing at the mailbox at that beauty salon right at the time that the van crashed into it.

    Here's a link to an article about the wreck:

    Answer by makelineerror at 9:02 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • HealthyMom62... so, you give yourself NO credit for beating those addictions? I find that sad. You may want to credit God, but in reality it was inner strength and determination that got you through that. Don't sell yourself short. You are a strong an amazing woman capable of doing what ever you set your mind to do.

    As for your daughter's medical condition- ever think that YOU and others around you that were probably praying for your daughter healed her and not God? The human mind is a wonderful and un-charted thing. Maybe we all have the ability to heal but because we have been conditioned to think humans are not capable of something so great, we fee the need to attribute it to a higher being?



    Answer by IhartU at 10:41 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • momof3josephs... let me ask you something. Take God out of the equation right now- would you still be angry and hateful? Have you really healed from the inside out or have you used God as a crutch to lean on because you lack/lacked faith, trust and love in yourself? What I'm saying is that I also survived rape, childhood abuse, the death of my little sister and so on and yet here I am- a strong woman who can face what ever life throws at her, not because of God, but because I trust myself. Because I know I have the strength to do it. People are duped into thinking that in order to crawl out from rock bottom, you need a God-rope when all you truly need is self confidence, understanding and chaning of the way you think, and the ability to learn to love yourself.


    Answer by IhartU at 10:45 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

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